How to Disable Bedtime Reminder on iOS 11

As you all know, “Bedtime Reminder” is the alarm that sounds two times

  1. When should the user go to sleep?
  2. When should the user wake up?

Apple suggests this app as it helps the user to get healthy sleeping habits. Well, some of Apple users don’t like to have this app nowadays. I am here to help those users. Here, I gonna share you some steps to disable your Bedtime Reminder app so that you can make use of it. Come, let’s check out…!
Step 1: Turn Off “Bedtime”
turn on bedtime
Go to Settings -> Clock -> Scroll down to see Bedtime and tap on it -> Turn Off “Bedtime”
Step 2: Turn On Do Not Disturb mode
turn on do not disturb
Make sure that Do Not Disturb mode is turned off.
Launch Settings -> Do Not Disturb and then turn it off.
Note: This feature doesn’t sound when you go to sleep but still it alerts you in the morning.
Step 3: Change the Bedtime Reminder
change bedtime reminder

  1. Launch Clock app -> “Bedtime” and then turn it onOptions (top right corner of your screen)
  2. Tap on “Bedtime Reminder” and choose your interval (top right corner)
  3. Wait for few seconds and the reminder comes on your device like a notification.

Step 4: Change the Reminder Settings
change reminder settings

  1. Launch “Bedtime Reminder” -> Options (upper left)
  2. Now De-select all days of the Week and then tap Save.

Note: After doing this, the Wake Alarm will change to Never option.
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Step 5: Set Reminders to go to Sleep
set reminders to sleep

  1. Press Home Button on your device.
  2. Swipe from the bottom and you will see the clock icon.
  3. Next, you will see the Sleep icon and just click on it to set the reminder to go to sleep.

Hope any one of the above steps will help you. If you know any other trick to Disable Bedtime Reminder on iOS 11, then kindly share them with me through your comments below. Thank You…

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I have turned off the bedtime settings so my iPhone 6s continually always stays on. Problem is the iPhone continues to go into sleep mode and each day I have to setup and activate each area in general settings to turn on screen time and activate all the sections in settings. Why is not turn off iPhone not working when “never “ has been selected and bedtime is shut off??

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