How to Customize the Lock Screen Wallpaper on iOS 16


How to customize Lock Screen Wallpaper on iOS 16

Hello, folks. I know I’m late on this topic. Apple released the iOS 16 beta version for developers. But it became publicly available in late July. You all know about it well. WWDC 2022 nailed iOS 16’s new features. Yeah, there are so many good things that surprise you, and it hurries you to download iOS 16 right now. Okay, let’s see how to customize the lock screen wallpaper on iOS 16.

iOS 16 Customize Lock Screen Wallpaper 1

Before setting the wallpaper, you must download the iOS 16 public betas on your iPhone. It’s available at Once you download iOS 16, it’s time to set up our wallpaper.

Set Customize Lock screen Wallpaper in iPhone 

  • First, wake up your screen by tapping it.
  • Now tap and hold the lock screen to add the new wallpaper.
  • Here you can see the add button. Just click that one.
  • Now you can set any picture as your lock screen wallpaper.
  • Once you select the wallpaper, you can even customize it by adding widgets.
  • You can even customize the time and wallpaper in a variety of font styles and colors.
  • Also, there are different filters that are available to make your wallpaper look more beautiful.
  • For that, just press and hold the lock screen wallpaper to get the Customize option.
  • Tap on the Customize. Here you can just swipe the screen right to left to see more filters.
  • You can select the filter that you want.
  • If you want to change the font and color in your time zone, just tap on the time zone.
  • Here you go and select the font style and color that you like.

Add Customized Widget to your iPhone iOS 16

  • Okay, now let’s add widgets. Let’s move the image down a little bit for that.
  • Tap the Plus icon to add a personalized widget to your lock screen.
  • Here you can add your favorite widgets like temperature, activity, calendar, battery percentage, etc.
  • You guys can customize more wallpapers like this. For that, Just tap on Done.

To create a bunch of Wallpaper and use it later

  • Now swipe left or click the plus icon to set the new wallpaper.
  • This will let you select new wallpapers that are available on the iPhone.
  • Apple launched a new wallpaper that looks like a cool and inspirational one.
  • After selecting the wallpaper that you want, tap on the Done option.
  • Here you can also set your previously edited wallpaper by swiping right.


That’s it. It is the way to customize the lock screen wallpaper on your iOS 16. I hope it will be useful to you. If you want to know more about the features in iOS 16, then let me know through the comment section below. I’ll definitely post about that feature. And don’t forget to give your continued support to Thank you.

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