Ctrl + Alt + Del : Mac Equivalent

Ctrl + Alt + Del is a familiar command on Windows to open Task Manager. If you pressed this command twice, it will reboot the computer.
If you are new to Mac OS, you can get same function via keyboard command on Mac.
How to use the same Ctrl+Alt+Del command on Macbook Pro keyboard?
Ctrl Alt Del Mac
Ctrl+ Alt+Delete Mac equivalent : Hold down Command key + Option key and Escape key on Mac keyboard.
(⌘ + + ⎋)
It will bring the Force quit Applications window. This Force quit application box contain list of open applications on Mac.
Mac: force quit applications
Choose one application and press the Force Quit button to immediately close the application.
Windows Task Manager (Windows PC) = Activity Monitor (Mac)
Mac Activity monitor is equivalent to Windows Task Manager.
You can find Activity monitor via Finder -> Applications ->Utilities or just type “Activity monitor” in the Spot light search box.
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Alternative way to quit hanging application on Mac 
Hold down Control key and right click the application icon in the dock. Now choose “Force quit” from the context menu.
How to reboot on Mac
Hold down Command + Option + Power key on Mac to restart.
Apple -> Restart.
How to Shut down on Mac
To force shut down, hold down power button for 5 to 10 seconds.
Apple -> Shut Down.
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