How to create a New User/Admin Account on Mac High Sierra

Every update changes the way of creating a new user account on Mac. Likewise, creating a new admin account in High Sierra differs from its previous version. Here I am going to tell you how to create a new admin account on macOS High Sierra.
You have to be an administrator of your Mac to create a new user/admin account.

  1. Go to Apple menu->System Preference.
  2. Select “Users & Groups”.
  3. Tap the lock icon.create new user account high sierra
  4. A pop-up menu will appear, then enter your Password.create new admin account high sierra
  5. Click the Plus symbol (+) that is above lock icon.
  6. A pop-up box will appear. Select a type of user from four options such as Administrator, Standard, Managed with Parental controls, and Sharing Only.create new administrator account high sierra
  7. Enter the name for the new user. Account name will be generated automatically.
  8. Enter the password for the new user. Again enter the password to verify.
  9. Enter the password hint.
  10. Then click “Create user.

Now the new user account is added on your Mac.

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