“Could not activate cellular data network” iPhone & iPad fix

This is a most common problem for iPhone and Cellular based iPad users. Cellular data does not work on iPhone 6 with AT&T prepaid go service. But the same sim card data worked on iPhone 5.
could not activate cellular data network
Devices & Data services: iPhone 6 plus (iOS 8), iPhone 4s, iPad 2, sprint, virgin mobile, Vodafone, telstra, 3G, 4G
Solution 1:-
This solution solved issue in T-Mobile “contact free” iPhone 6.
According to AT&T GoPhone representative,
First you need to call the 611 to get the representative who can change your account internet settings.
1. First call 611.
2. Wait until prompts are given and then press 0 for Operator.
3. During next prompts choose 6 for “More Options”.
4. Then at next prompts press 1 for “Technical Support”.
5. Then say “Data Services”.
6. Call will be routed to the correct queue.
AT&T Representative will turned on a “feature” on your account by adding “NXTGENGPO” to your internet settings. This is all done on the backend at AT&T, not on your phone.
Go to Settings -> Cellular and turn off cellular data.
AT&T Representative will add “NXTGENGPO” to your internet settings on the backend.
After NXTGENGPO” added, turn on cellular data.
Restart your iPhone.
After these steps you will get LTE on your phone.
Solution 2:-
Reset network settings using Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.
power down the iPhone. Press and hold sleep/walk button until the slider (red) appears. then drag the slider to off.
Wait 10 seconds. Then power on again.
Solution 3:-
This solution worded for Australia and United kingdom iPhone& iPad users.
Go to Settings -> Cellular data.
Turn off roaming, turn off Cellular.
Go to Settings -> Safari and clear cookies and data.
Turn off your iPad and wait five minutes.
Turn on iPad again and go to Settings -> WiFi.
Then go to Settings -> Cellular data. Turn on roaming and Cellular.
Launch mail app and try to send mails. you email will send on 3G network.
If you have any other doubts or solutions for iPhone “could not activate mobile data network” error, do let us via comment.

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I have iPhon 6 Plus on UK O2.
I have same problem, and tried all the solutions here and none worked!
Still can use wifi only.
Can you help? Thanks!

This is a common issue being faced in iphone / ipad. To overcome this just shutdown the device and takeout the sim and re-instert the sim again, issue will be resolved.

Nothing worked for me but I am trying it's been so hard I am using Vodafone 3G and the cellular data number shows as unknown but my 3G cannot be connected. Help me…

I tried all the solution but nothing worked for me.i am using Vodafone 3g. 3g network on the same sim works perfectly on other phones

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