Convert Doc to PDF in Mac OS X – MS Word How to Guide

Sometimes there comes a necessity of converting a Microsoft word document to PDF format from MAC. PDF file is read by any operating system with a PDF reader.
Use Microsoft office in Mac to save word doc/docx file as PDF or for converting an existing doc file to PDF.
Save word doc as PDF in Microsoft office

  • Open the word doc which you want to convert to PDF
  • In File menu ->Print, select option ‘Save As’.MS word save doc as PDF
  • Select file format as ‘PDF’.
  • Name the document to save the file. Ensure file extension is .PDF and choose ‘Save’ .
  • You can share the converted PDF using File->Share->Send PDF. This will email the word doc in PDF format.

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Another option to convert word doc to PDF is by using export option.

  • Open the word doc you wanted to convert
  • Go to ‘File’ menu and choose ‘Export’ option
  • Select PDF in file format extension
  • Choose to convert the word doc in PDF format

Among these two, export is the best option to use and is supported in PowerPoint also.
Convert word to PDF without Microsoft office
If you don’t have Microsoft office in your Mac computer, but you want to convert word doc to PDF, it’s not too difficult.. Follow the below steps to do

  • Open the doc/docx in Mac with TextEdit
  • Go to ‘File’ menu->Print->choose ‘Save As’ option. This will print the word file in PDF

Benefits of saving word doc in PDF format

  • Preserves the original formatting
  • Preview option is used for signing the doc using Mac trackpad
  • Apply digital signature with preview option
  • File might retain the original formatting
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