Fixed: Control Center Not Working on iPhone X

Control center not working on iPhone

Some iPhone users had reported a problem that, they are facing issues with Control Center. Recently, I too had experienced this same issue. Whenever I tried to work with the Control Center buttons, it doesn’t work fine. Then, somehow I had fixed this serious issue with the help of tricks suggested by my friend Robin. Here, I am going to share those tricks with you.

Fix 1: Force Restart

  1. Firstly press and release the Volume Up button quickly.
  2. Then press and release the Volume Down button quickly.
  3. Finally, press and hold the Side button until you an Apple Logo.

Fix 2: Delete and reinstall the Control Center item
delete reinstall control center item

  1. Launch Settings -> Control Center.
  2. Tap on Customize Controls.
  3. Then locate your Unresponsive Control in the INCLUDE section (at the top)
  4. Now, tap on the red circle with the minus sign.
  5. Next, click on Remove to delete the Control.
  6. Restart your device.
  7. Again go back to Settings -> Control Center-> Customize Controls.
  8. Finally, reinstall the problematic control that you had deleted.

Fix 3: Turn Off Assistive Touch
turn off assistive touch

  1. Launch Settings -> General.
  2. Tap on Accessibility -> Assistive Touch
  3. Finally, turn off Assistive Touch.

Fix 4: Remove your iPhone Case/Screen Protector
remove iphone case
Sometimes your iPhone Case/Screen Protector will make your touch to be less responsive. So try opening the control center after removing your Cas e/Screen Protector.

Fix 5: Turn Off VoiceOver
turn off voiceover

  1. Go to Settings -> General.
  2. Tap on Accessibility -> VoiceOver.
  3. Turn Off VoiceOver.

Fix 6: Turn On Access Within Apps
turn off access within apps

  1. Open the Settings App.
  2. Tap on Control Center.
  3. Turn Off Access Within Apps.

Fix 7: Contact Apple Store

If your device is under Warranty Status, then you can contact Apple Store for further help.

Fix 8: Reset All Settings

  1. Launch Settings-> General.
  2. Tap on Reset -> Reset All Settings.

Fix 9: Check for Software Update

  1. Go to Settings -> General.
  2. Tap on Software Update -> Download and Install.

Hope any one of the above fixes will be helpful to you. If you find this article useful or if you know any other solution regarding this issue, kindly share with me via comments below. Thank You…

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