Contacts Missing From iPhone & iPad? Here’s how to fix it

I know guys, when you can’t find your one of the contacts which is very important for you that will be very much annoying. That will be frustrating and your whole work will be stuck. This sometimes happens and we will don’t know what to do. But now don’t worry guys here I have solution for your problem. Check it out and get rid of your problem soon.
Contacts Missing iPhone
Why Cloud???
Absolutely we need cloud today, because we keep on increasing the usage of gadgets. When I store my details in computer I also wish to see it  in iPhone and tablet too. That’s why we need cloud today. But if you don’t know really where your data are stored then it is much complex deal to you. As good as you use it, that much you will get benefitted by cloud.
Problem may be big but the solution for this is quite simple. Always try to make default back up to saving new contacts to iClouds. The problem happened to it is not only iCloud sync. Everything you wish to do is change the default Settings back to iCloud.

  • At first Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Go for Mail, Calendars, Contacts- You need to scroll down.
  • Down of Contacts, tap on the Default Account.
  • Select the iCloud and don’t select On my iPhone.

iCloud contact default account

image courtesy : imore-dot-com

As soon as you add the contacts you cannot toggle to the place where contacts saved that is unfortunate. So, copy the numbers and create new entries after you’ve defaulted back to iCloud syncing.
Follow the below steps to find out the missing contacts.

  • At first launch the Phone app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Go for Groups at the top left.
  • Now uncheck All iCloud option and check All on My iPhone.
  • Now Tap Done at the top.

And now at least you can see the list of all contacts that aren’t syncing or missing from other devices.
find missing contacts iPhone

image courtesy : imore-dot-com

At most of the times problem will occur at All on My iPhone. Once you have list of whom to re-add then make sure that you have also selected iCloud under groups before re-adding. To make this process more simple then you can again hide the On My iPhone group again. Hope this article helped you to come out of your problem guys….
If you knew any other solutions to fix “iPhone or iPad contacts missing” issue, inform us using comment form.

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