How to connect and disconnect PS3 controller to Mac

Playing games.. How wonderful it is. Even a thought of games will drive you crazy no. But now a days we mostly rely on indoor games. Mostly video games. Yes, we come to the point. In this piece of writing we are yet to discuss about how to connect your play station 3 controller in your Mac.
Method 1: Through Bluetooth
Disconnect controller bluetooth
To connect  PS3 Controller you need modern version of Mac OS X, Bluetooth support, and also a Sony PS3 Controller which have charge and the Mini-USB cable to join PS3 Controller with USB port to charge it. They have already include the drivers that are permit the Sony Dual Shock 3 PlayStation controller in OS X Snow Leopard and so on.

  1. In your Mac go to  Apple menu > System Preferences > turn on Bluetooth, in that make the Bluetooth impair with the nearby devices which are attempting  to pair with our controller and also become the obstinate to the controller so far.
  2. By tuck in the paper clip into the gap or pinhole nearby the L2 button.
  3. By using the USB cable attach the PS3 controller with your Mac.
  4. You  should  turn on Bluetooth.
  5. Tap PS key at least 1-2 seconds till the red lights beam.
  6. Then disconnect the USB cable, because now you can use the PS3 Controller wireless with your Mac.
  7. To disclose the Bluetooth Setup Assistant, tap the “+” icon in the preferences.
  8. After which you may see a window, in that type an access code. Type the access code “0000”, then press “Pair” or “Accept”. After that, close the Setup Assistant.
  9. Choose Preferences > Bluetooth list >  select the PlayStation3 Controller item. Then click “Add to Favorites”  and select the “Update Services” in the little gear icon menu.
  10. Then disconnect the Bluetooth. After some time just connect the Bluetooth, then leave it for some while.

Note: That the USB cable is the only thing to arrange the P3 controller via Bluetooth. Apart from which you need a game or applications which are helping the controllers. If you can’t find the PS3 Controller by Mac OS X, when you are connecting it and turn it on. If this is the case mean you have to turn off the Bluetooth and on your Mac. Via this you can disclose the upcoming process. While doing so you can use controller in that game,.sometimes you may witness the PS3 game pad lights may twinkle often that indicate that you should re-sync the controller. If it so just dis-join and re-sync. Before doing all this just confirm that your controller batteries have charged or not. Keep the controller within a reliable distance from your Mac to get the proper signal. Also can check the Bluetooth signal strength. If the setup is much complicated means you can check the Bluetooth signal from your Mac OS X, meanwhile arranging the games configuration.
Method 2: Run

  1. Just run the is a little device to use the third- party Bluetooth PS3 controller on OS X as a genuine PS3 Controller
  2. Then delete ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/ command before turn on your Bluetooth.
  1. Just do “defaults read/Library/Preferences/” Command.
  1. Then reboot it thoroughly.
  2. After that, turn the Bluetooth on, and then tap the PS3 button

Method 3: Check if PS3 controller is connected properly in Yosemite

  1. In this you have to plug the PS3 controller into your system.
  2. Then select Bluetooth device in the status bar menu.
  3. In status bar tap the Connect device.
  4. Then open the System Preferences.
  5. No other device has listed.
  6. Then unplug the controller.
  7. Then try to turn on the controller wireless. Meanwhile you can’t see no blinking lights also no response.
  8. In the status bar menu, you can witness that the controller will listed as Play station controller.
  9. Through the menu now dis-join the controller.
  10. Then if it connected promptly you need to unplug and get start your controller along PS button.

Note: After all set you should need a game which should support the controller  or an app like Joystick Mapper [paid] or Enjoy 2 [free]. Because that will help you to connect the keyboard keys or mouse buttons or swipes to the controller.
Method 4: Dis joining PS3 Controller on Mac OS X
Disconnect controller Mac osx
If you need to disconnect your PS3 Controller in order to use it with another devices or systems or else to re-sync that  to your Mac or else to avoid the blinking lights, or to disconnect.

  1. Just go to the Bluetooth Preferences panel in the System Preferences
  2. In the Bluetooth Devices just drift the cursor over the “PS3 Controller”
  3. Tap X then select “remove”  affirm to disconnecting the PS3 controller in your Mac

Note: If the Bluetooth devices invariably being connecting and disconnecting means your controller may be in low battery or else there may be some exterior signal interference. Also you can check its battery remaining in the Bluetooth menu bar item.
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