How to Connect Apple TV to Hotel WiFi Network

Taking Apple TV with your extended family vacation is really good one. Mostly hotel Televisions are really annoying. On-demand movie rentals are limited and pricey.
If your Hotel room have a free WiFi with Flat screen (It must have HDMI input), you can use your Apple TV with hotel television.
Reason behind this guide
But Apple TV does not have browser. So when Apple TV connected to hotel WiFi and it popup for confirmation screen “Agree to their terms of use” or open special login page, users can’t enter it.
Every device which is connected to the internet has a unique MAC (Media Access Control) address. It tells network who you are. Hotel WiFi should validating your device MAC address and putting it on a whitelist. So its automatically connected in future.
Here’s the only problem is Apple TV does not have browser.
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So How this method works

  1. First you need to trick your Hotel WiFi to think your Apple TV Mac address  is actually your laptop or computer MAC Address.
  2. Then use your computer to complete browser authentication whatever it need your MAC address must be whitelisted.
  3. Finally change your computer MAC address to original and connect both computer and Apple TV to Hotel WiFi.

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Spoofing MAC Address
This guide is for Mac OS X users. Sorry for PC users.
1. Disconnect your Apple TV and laptop from Hotel WiFi network using “forgetting” this network option.  Do not turn off WiFi but make your device not connected to any network.  You cannot spoof the MAC address if your device powered off.
OS X Yosemite WiFi on not connected
2. On your Mac computer, Open Terminal app.
3. Type or paste the following command to get your device MAC address.

ifconfig en1 | grep ether

4. You computer Mac address look like this : 02:a3:06:d8:00:18. Save it some where else on your computer. Because you need it later.
5.. On your Apple TV, go to Settings -> General -> Network -> Wi-Fi Address.  Write down Apple TV MAC address.
6. Spoof your computer MAC address to be the Apple TV MAC address (which you wrote down from Apple TV #5) using the following terminal command.
7. Open Terminal and type the following command

sudo ifconfig en1 ether 26:cg:xx:xx:xx:xx

Note: replace 26:cg:xx:xx:xx:xx with your Apple TV MAC address.
8. Check your device MAC address is changed or not using the following terminal command.

ifconfig en1 | grep ether

9. Now connect your computer to Hotel WiFi network. Open browser and complete the authentication.
10. Disconnect your laptop from WiFi.
11. Repeat the steps #7 and #8 to change your computer MAC address back to original we saved in step #4.
12. Now reconnect your Apple TV and computer again to Hotel WiFi.
Note : Most of the WiFi networks will whitelist your MAC address for 24 hours. If it expires you need to repeat the same process again.

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Thank you so much. This worked perfectly. Stuck in a hospital for a few days and this was a lifesaver (well almost) lol

Unfortunately didn't work for me? I've followed to the letter numerous times with the only interruption being a password request following the "sudo ifconfig en1 ether 26:cg:xx:xx:xx:xx" entry. This I satisfied (once googled again as it's not straight forward), but on checking the mac address it remains the same….any ideas?

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