Best, Cheap and Large Cloud Backups for Synology NAS

Currently i am using Synology NAS, the DS1813+. I found some good backup solutions.
1. Arq to Amazon S3 or Glacier
Arq runs on a Mac computer, not on the Synology and backup any mounted file shares to Glacier or Amazon S3. Its working well, but Amazon S3 pricing (priced per gigabuyte) can get prohibitive. 1 Tera byte costs $30 for month to host. Reduced Redundancy feature bring it down to $24 for month.
1 TB is  $10/month for special bulk Glacier service.  Simple operations take days or hours to complete. I am used Arq with Glacier for years. But i am not recommended it. I am only recommend Arc if you are able to pay expensive Amazon S3 or RRS storage. Because Glacier is not made for this.
2. Backblaze via iSCSI
I used Backblaze for years. But still i am recommend it. Its offer unlimited storage for $5/month. Its support external hard drives. But it won’t backup network shares.
3. Symform
Its run directly on Synology. You get free backups at 2:1 ratio if you contribute space to the pool (your data split into pieces and stored on other people NASes running Symform.
In theory it was great. But in practical, if you want to backup 5TB you need to host other people data 10TB. You can upload files in 1.5 Mbit/s (not 75 Mbit/s).
4. CrashPlan
Its run directly on Synology/computer. If you run CrashPlan on computer it will backup network. Otherwise its similar to Backblaze ($6 by month for unlimited space). It has a clunkier, intensive Java app.
I tried CrashPlan few times both on Synology and computer. Very bad upload speed 2 Mbit/s. Adjusting CrashPlan’s advanced settings will increase it upload speed about 20 to 25 Mbit/s. It working well in night. You can upload 1TB in 3 days.
If you have any other ideas, inform us via comment.

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