How To Clear Maps History On iPhone 8,X

Wanna clear destination and route history in Maps on your device….? If yes, then I am pretty sure that this article would be useful for you to delete Maps History. Here, I gonna share some steps with you so that you may feel easy to delete it. Come, let’s check out…!

Clear All Recents

clear all recents
Open Maps App on your device >> tap Search bar >> tap Favourites >> tap Recents >> tap Clear >> tap Confirm Clear All Recents

Delete Maps History

delete maps history
Open Google Maps App >> tap Menu icon >> tap Settings >> tap Maps History >> tap X icon next to the location you wanna delete >> tap Delete

Turn Off Maps

turn off maps
Go to Settings >> Sign in Apple ID >> iCloud >> turn off Maps

Remove Places

google my activity
Firstly sign in and open Google Maps app >> tap Menu >> tap Settings >> tap Maps History >> Next to the search bar, tap More >> Delete Activity by (choose a data range) >> tap Delete and Confirm an action.
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Clear History in Significant Locations

clear history
Go to Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services >> System Services >> Significant locations >> Clear History

Sign Out iCloud

sign out iCloud
If you find that none of the above steps doesn’t work for you.  Just try to sign out your iCloud account.
Hope you find this article as useful. If so, share your experience with me through the comments section below. Thank You…

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