How to Clear iMessage Cache or History on iPhone and iPad

The cache files are the back- end files that support an app or program running. Caches speed up the process and app need not from scratch. Some residues stay in iPhone for very long which needs to deleted.
Storage of cache on iPhone/iPad
An iPhone user notices that memory consumption is more in ‘Others’ section and the device starts to slow down. Media contents like video or images occupy more cache storage space. On clearing the cache, sufficient amount of space cleared.
Create backup of your device
Create a backup of your iPhone first. If any important data is lost, you can restore the data from iCloud.

  1. Open iTunes on your computer and connect iPhone to the computer.
  2. Under Devices click on Backup and wait till backup completed.

backup iPhone iTunes
Steps to clear iMessage cache in iPhone using iBackupBot application using iBackupBot:
After taking the recent backup of your iPhone, follow the below steps to drop iMessage cache from iPhone. Make sure the latest version of iTunes installed. Install a free program named iBackupBot in the computer.

  1. Open iBackupBot in your computer.
  2. Look up for system files tab in the iBackupBot application.
  3. Navigate to media and Click on Library.
  4. In SMS option clicks on Attachments.
  5. The folders here store all the photos or videos you have sent or received. Click on unnecessary photos and drop.
  6. Go to iTunes and restore your phone.

After restoring, drop the old backup in iCloud and create a new backup.
Steps to clear text cache
Below mentioned steps are useful for clearing text cache in iPhone.

  1. Go to Settings -> General  -> Spotlight Search.
  2. Delete all text messages that show up in the Messages app.
  3. Open the multi-tasking bar to by double tapping on Home button.
  4. Close all running applications.
  5. Restart your iPhone.
  6. Reset iPhone by holding on the home + power button until the Apple logo appears on Home screen.
  7. Go to Setting -> General -> Usage and check if storage reduced.
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