How to clear Fake Text Receiving On iPhone

When we are using mobile phones there is the biggest problem in receiving Fake messages. These type of fake messages can rectify by changing mobile settings. Here see, how to clear the Fake text receiving on iPhone.This is common for All iPhone Versions. And short term and long term solutions are available, it is nothing when you are in an emergency you receiving fake messages use the short term solution to clear the problem temporarily, when you release from your emergency situation you just apply the long term solution.
Short term solution:

  1. Just Reboot your  Phone.

Long term solution 1:

  1. Open Settings → Message → iMessages
  2. Then slide to Turn Off for a few minutes.
  3. Then Turn On.

Long term solution 2:

  1. In your iPhone go to the Setting option.
  2. Click Notification option.
  3. Now click Repeat Alerts.
  4. Set  Never option.

Long term solution 3:

  1. Open the Setting→ Message.
  2. Now open the Send And Receive Message option.
  3. In that option your Phone Number is placed no Fake message you will receive, otherwise email id or something in that option it may make Fake messages.

The above Solutions are more than enough to clear this problem.
The fake messages are created some issue when it is increased in your inbox. So just need to clear this problem with the help of our articles.

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