How to Check Storage on Mac to Manage & Clear Space

If you want to check storage on your Mac and clear space, I will tell you. In this article, I mention how to check storage space on your Mac hard drive and how to clear the large files. If your system will be slow, the main reason for this problem is insufficient storage on your Mac. If your Mac occupies full storage, then your system will be slow and some apps will crash. So, you have to free up your storage. Your hard drive should have 10% of free space always. Otherwise, it makes your system slowly or app crashing.
The best idea to get rid out of this problem is free up your disk storage. Check the storage and if unwanted files, music or videos in it, delete those items first. Now, I am going to tell you how to check Storage on your Mac, How to Manage it and How to clear space.
How To Check Storage Space on your Mac?
If you are using EI Capitan, Yosemite, macOS Sierra or High Sierra let’s how to check storage space on your Mac.

  1. First, click the Apple logo at the top and click About this Mac.
  2. At the top panel, click Storage tab. Here you can see how much space has been occupying your files, music, images or video by category.

Check Hard Drive Space on Mac OS 10.6 and Earlier

  1. Open Finder window on your Mac.
  2. Choose your Hard Disk in the sidebar.
  3. Choose Get Info from the file menu. Then one window will open. It will show the available space of your hard drive.

Check Hard Drive Space on Mac OS 10.7 and Later

  1. Go to Apple Menu in the top left corner and choose “About this Mac”.
  2. Click “More Info” -> click “Storage”.
  3. Here, you can check available occupied space of your Hard Drive.

Via Disk Utility
Using the Disk Utility app, you can see your disk space on your Mac. To do that, in upper right corner click the magnifying glass to open Spotlight. Next, type Disk Utility in the search box. When it comes, press the enter key. You can also find this on Applications -> Utilities.
Then your hard drive name from disk utility list. Here, you can see available space, it’s capacity and how much space used. You can also check any other hard drive space that you have connected to your Mac.
How to Clear Disk Space?
Using CleanMyMac 3
Using CleanMyMac 3, you can check the space and free up the Disk Space.
To Free Space on Mac,

  1. Open CleanMyMac 3 on your Mac.
  2. From sidebar menu, click on Smart Cleanup.
  3. Next, click on Scan -> Clean.

Using Gemini
Gemini is best for a scan and free up the storage and it helps to your Mac to work speed up the process. It will scan your photos, documents, iTunes, files and duplicate files. If photos or files are in two-copy on your mac, it will remove that. Then it’s very easy to use and the process is very simple to access.
Disk Space Analyzer For Mac:
OmniDiskSweeper is a user interface and it’s quite easy to use. It shows the files in column order and navigates the files easily. All files are showing in order by size. So, you can see the storage size of a file and which is take more space on your disk.
DaisyDisk is one of the best space analyzers for Mac. it’s users friendly and the interface is good. The colorful wheel shows the file size with different colors. Users can access DaisyDisk easily. Free trial also available here and pay $10 for use this. This is fully optimized and it has the simple process.
3. Disk Inventory X
Disk Inventory X shows your files and folder size in a graphical way it’s called as treemaps. it’s free for Mac. it will show the information about what you have on your Mac such as files or folders and etc. You can analyze the file easily because all files are in size. You can analyze the full disk or a specific folder.

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