Check your Heart Rate with Apple Watch

Apple Watch have sensors that allow you to check your current heart rate. As long as you are wearing Apple Watch, every ten minutes its automatically check your heart rate.
These heart rate data automatically transferred to your iPhone health app. Unless you adjustment your Apple Watch settings, this process happens more frequently during your workout.
You can measure your current heart rate manually on your Apple Watch using Glances. By default hear rate included in Glances. If you removed it, you need to add it back in order to check your hear rate (manually).
If you want to re-add heartbeat glance again, open Apple Watch App on your iPhone. Tap on Glances and add Heartbeat glance.
How to check your heart rate with Apple Watch (manual method)

  1. On your Apple Watch clock face, swipe from the bottom of the screen to open Glances.
  2. Swipe left or right to find different glances. Stop your swipe when you get the heart Rate glance.
  3. Your Apple Watch calculate and display your heart rate with in few minutes.

check your heart rate Apple Watch

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