How to Find/Check Beats Studio Serial Number

You need beats studio serial number to check warranty or if beats are real or when you contact support center. You can check the Beats studio serial number on the box and headphone.
1. Check Beats Studio packaging
Normally its serial number printed near barcode on its package. Use magnifier or cell phone to take the photo and use zoom option to find it.
beats package serial number
2.Check headphone
You can find the Beats audio serial number on the right side of the headphone engraved on the steel.
beats serial number headphones

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3. For Earphones
The serial number printed on the cable. There is a little nub available to adjust the cable length. Move it right down and check the inside loop to find the number.
beats serial number earphones
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4. Use Mac

  1. Connect the headphone into MacBook Pro/Air using USB port.
  2. Go to Apple menu -> About this Mac.
  3. Under System Report -> USB section you can find the complete headphone details including serial number.

Note: During the registration process you can find the serial number in Beats studio updater. But if you already registered it will not show any number.
If you want to find your Powerbeats3 Wireless, Pill+, Pill XL serial number read the support page.

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2 responses to How to Find/Check Beats Studio Serial Number

help me please. I can not find the serial number on the studio headphones. I have to order three parts. They were one of the very first ones out….way back several years ago.
The numbers behind the right headphone ear piece are: FC NOM
EAC IC BC The BC is in a box
Thank you so much for your help. I went to the store and no help. I need the ear pads, plastic black bar replaced and the red cord that attaches to them . I am old 70, and need all your hlep. Thanks. They are for my husband who is very ill. PLease call me 360 5137215. I am in vancouver wash. I can not find your address or phone to call. Thanks you so much

thanks so much for your help. I can not find the serial number anywhere and have spent hours trying to find help..
They are black and all the torn plastic is off the earpieces. The black plastic bar is broken. Please help my husband and I. They keep him going. They were very expensive not the 89 dollar ones.

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