Check Battery Health of iPhone – You Must Know

You knew it well that your iPhone is getting older as the days pass. If your iPhone is responding very slow and performing worst, it may because of its battery. You need to check whether the life of the battery is going to meet its final day.
As the iPhone is getting older, the battery is losing its capacity as well. So you have to let yourself to know how to check the health of your iPhone battery.
We hope this article will be very helpful in a way you can check your iPhone battery health.

Download Apps to Check

There are the lot of apps available in the App Store that can help you to get the information about iPhone”s battery health. All you have to do is, simply download the app from the App Store.
Apps for Checking Battery

battery care

battery lifeThese are the well-known apps that help to examine your iPhone Battery health. You can download these apps from App store.

Examine Battery Settings:

The very first easy method is checking Battery Settings on your iPhone. Just open “Settings” on your iPhone and go to “Battery”.
settings battery
If your iPhone battery has been affected by some issues like meeting its end and needs to be replaced, there you can find the notice which indicates “Your iPhone battery may need to be serviced”.
It means that your battery is reaching its end or close to 500 completed charges.

Examine your iPhone’s Performance

Using the Geekbench app to check your benchmark scores will let you know the performance of your iPhone. If your iPhone’s Geekbench scores are less than the numbers pointed out in this picture means, then it is time to change your battery since it has losing its capacity.
geekbench scores

How to Find Your iPhone needs New Battery

You will know that your iPhone is facing some problems with the battery that needs to be changed. You may get some hints on your iPhone like dimmer backlight in the display, finding your screen stuttering when scrolling it, lower speaker volume.
After finding your battery capacity is less than 80% of its original, you should deal with the idea of changing your battery.

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