How to Check Available storage on Apple TV?

Apple aims to show the future to the world. One of the astonishing product is Apple TV. But as like other products, Apple TV also has some incompetence and the users can’t find some of the features. Especially many of the users don’t know how to check the free space on their Apple TV. In this page, I ‘ m going to discuss this issue.
To check
While buying Apple TV users have only two options that are 32GB or 64GB. After installing some apps you may need to know the free space remains on your Apple TV. For that,
Go to Settings -> General -> Usage -> Manage Storage.
Manage storage Apple tv
There you can view a list of all installed apps and the space they are using.
Even you can download desired apps there.
To Delete an App
One can’t uninstall the in-built apps that are coming with Apple TV.If there is any unwanted app that uses more space you can delete that. There are two ways to do so.
1.On Apple TV Screen

  • Press and hold the app you want to delete until it wiggles.
  • You can see a cross mark on it.
  • On the Apple TV remote click on the Push or Play button.
  • Next click on the ‘Delete’ option on the on-screen menu.
  • Tap that to delete that app.

2. From Home Screen

  • Launch Settings -> General -> Usage -> Manage Storage.
  • Then press the Siri Remote Touch Surface to highlight that app and to drop it to Trash.

Restore App
If you need to reinstall the deleted apps, you can download them again in Apple TV App Store, that too in a free of cost.
About tvOS
tvOS in the Apple TV  will automatically remove the extra stuff that comes along with the apps. So it can reduce the space usage somewhat. So the temporary app resources and other data will get erased automatically when you install a new app.
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Wrapping up
I hope the previous discussions might help you to know about the storage system of Apple TV.

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