"You must change your passcode within 60 minutes" Malware or feature

A dialog box that came up from the Mail app on iOS 7.  The dialog was titled “Passcode Requirement” that is “You must change your passcode within 60 minutes” and in that, there are two choices “Later” and “Continue”. Here some solutions are given that why the dialog box appears.
Solution 1: Go to a Safari and do a hard reset
Clear history and data

  1. Double click on the Home button and close Safari.
  2. Go to the System settings to Safari settings and clear out the website history and cache.
  3. Do a hard reset of the phone by clicking the Home and lock button for about 15 seconds. This will reset your passcode within 60 seconds.

Solution 2: Remove a network profile
To update a password first remove a network profile.
To remove a network profile,
Go to Settings -> General -> Profile and click on Remove.
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Solution 3: Contact Apple Support
Go to Apple website page, and enter your contact number there. They contacted to you back within 30 seconds.
Apple support team went through the Settings -> Passcode then changed a number on that and discard the link screen.
Go to Settings and then clear all Safari history and data.
Solution 4:  Press Home key
Turn off and on the Phone. Then press the round home key. This will work.

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