How to Change your Wi-Fi Network Preferences on Mac

We have to set multiple Wi-Fi networks on Mac. but, we should use one network. If you want to change your network, it is simple. You can select the network and put it up on Wi-Fi Network list. Them mac can easily connect to the device. If you want to change the network again, you can follow this steps.
Step 1:  First, Turn on your “Mac”.
Step 2:  From the menu bar, tap on the “Wi-Fi” icon on your Mac.
Step 3: At the end, tap on “Open Network Preferences”.nett-img

Step 4: From this page, tap on the “Advanced”.advanced-img
Step 5: Under Wi-Fi tab, you can see the list of Wi-Fi Networks. You can use this network on your Mac and iOS devices. To insert the Wi-Fi networks, tap on the network. Then click and move it on up.

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