Change Snapchat friends Display Name on iPhone, iPad, iPod

Snapchat is a most famous photo messaging app which allow you to sent and receive photographs and videos (Snaps). 

Its also allow you to set time limit for recipients can view shared snaps.

If you have lot of friends in Snapchat, finding some one name is a really annoying one. Snapchat not allow their users to change their user name for security reasons. But you can change your friends display name as nick name or something else. 

How to change someone’s Snapchat display name

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open Snapchat application.
  2. Press the “Snapchat icon”. snapchat icon
  3. Press the “my Friends”.
  4. Press the “Settings icon”. change snapchat friends display name
  5. Press the “Edit name” in the popop menu.
  6. Now change your Snapchat friends display name.
  7. Save. That’s all.
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