How to Change the Name of iPhone, iPad, iPod with iTunes

Learn how to change the name of iPhone in iOS device and iTunes.
Changing your device name using an iOS device
Changing your device name using an iOS device is very easy but it takes few steps.
Step 1: Open Setting app
On the Home screen of your iPhone, click “Settings” to launch the app.
Step 2: Go to “General”
Inside Setting option, click on General and as shown in the below image.
Step 3: Tap  “About”
In the General section, tap “About” at the top of the screen.
Step 4: Tap “Name”
The “Name” field should display the current name of your device. Then, tap the field to rename it.
Step 5: Rename iPhone
Change the name on the form to anything you want. Click “Done” complete the process.
Step 6: Rename complete
In the About section, you will see the name changed.
How to change your device name using iTunes
Following are the steps how to change your device name using iTunes
Step 1: Open iTunes on your Mac or Windows machine. Using USB cable connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer.
Step 2: Now your device will be shown in your iTunes, at top right-hand corner strip.
Step 3: Click the Device button in the upper left corner of the iTunes window. Several devices connected, choose an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you want to rename.
Step 4:  To change the name just double-click on the name of the device. Type your name, and press the return from your keyboard.

change name
Rename your iOS Device without a Computer or iTunes
To change the name go to Settings -> General -> About -> Name then the following screen will display.
Change the name as your wish. Click ‘Done’ and the name will be saved. If your device is connecting to iTunes you can change the name without causing any problems to your iTunes connection with your device. It even works when you use Wi-Fi syncing from an iOS device to your computer. The change is immediate without connecting your device.
If you knew any other way to change the name of iPhone or iPad inform us using the comment.

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