How do I change date of photo in Photos For Mac?

Sometimes your photos may show wrong time and date after scanning or exporting it to another file. In this article, we are going to see how to change the time and date of the photos on Mac.
Fix 1: Via Photos App

  • Launch Photos app.
  • Just right tap on the Photo you want to alter the date and time.
  • Choose Get Info from the pop-up box.
  • Then just enter the date on date tab quickly.
  • Now you can witness the Adjust Date and Timesheet.
  • Now you can change the date and time on the adjusted sheet.

Note: To select many photos just use Command key.
Fix 2: Through Image

  • Select a photo you want to change the date and time.
  • On Menu bar -> Image -> Adjust Date and Time.
  • If you want to change the location, just tap on the Time Zone on the Map.
  • To save the alteration just click on Adjust.

Fix 3: To Try
When you are taking a photo in one country then importing it another country means the timezone will differ. So to avoid such incidents use a tool called Aperture. During the usage of Aperture don’t try to modify Camera time, because which is UTC for all cameras.
If you knew any other solutions let’s know via your comments.

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