How to change my contact info on iPhone

One of the troubles occur among the iPhone users is “My Card” in contacts. It shows the name of their contact instead of showing their own username. It will not allow them to edit or delete info for the person listed.
There are some valuable solutions here for you to resolve.
Solution 1: Create a new contact
1. Open Settings app
2. Then General > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Contacts > My Info
3. Then create a new contact with your correct info and set it as “My Card
Note: You can also delete “My Card” to resolve it
Solution 2: Remove the Facebook app
Destroy the Facebook app and then reboot your device.
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Solution 3: Uninstall the Contacts app
Remove the contacts app and install it again.
Solution 4: Use Contacts application
1. Open the Contacts app
2. Select the card entry and then click on the card menu
3. Choose “Make this my card”
Note: “” is not necessary for using this solution

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