How To Change App Icon Size On iPhone

As you all know, the size of the icons on iPhone home screen is designed to be in standard size. Some of the iPhone users are not satisfied with the default size of the icons. Even my friend who is an iPhone user doesn’t like the default size of it. I think many of you have experienced this same issue I am here to help you by giving some simple steps to customize the size of App icons.
Step 1;  Firstly, go to the “Settings app”, You will see the “Display & Brightness” option, just scroll down to see “View” and tap on it. Lastly, choose “Standard or Zoomed” to resize the app icons.
Step 1
Step 2:  Under the “Settings” option, select “Tweak’s preference”. Then, turn on “Enable” option. After enabling it, tap “Icon Resizer Preference” to resize the icons.
step 2
Step 3:  If you want to change the size of app icons manually one by one, tap “Icon Resizer Preference” under the “Settings” app and select “Resize icons” option to resize the particular icon you want to change.
step 3
Step 4: First, go to the “Settings” app, tap “General” and choose “Accessibility” and then select “Zoom” and turn it on. After turning it, just double-tap on the iPhone screen with three fingers and adjust the Zoom level by dragging your fingers up and down. After setting up the Zoom level, press “Home” button.
step 4
Step 5: You can turn off the “Zoom” mode to resize the icons. To turn off Zoom mode- go to “Settings”, tap “General ” and then tap “Accessibility”. Under Accessibility, you will see a “Zoom” option and tap on it to change the icon size.
step 5
Hope this article will be helpful to you. If you find this article as useful, then share your experience with me through your comments below.

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