How to Fix : Cellular Data Is Turned Off For "Podcasts"

iOS users keep getting this alert from apps when they not connect their device to WiFi and cellular data is turned off. Even they get this alert from games. This bug happened from iOS 7 and still accruing in iOS 8.cellular data is turned off for podcasts
Example Alert messages
Cellular Data is Turned off for “Podcasts”.
Cellular Data is Turned off for “Spotify”.
So how to turn off this annoying message in your iPhone or iPad?
Solution 1:- 
Go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions.
Enter the passcode and Enable Restrictions.
In the bottom of the list, click Cellular Data Use and select Don’t Allow changes.
Solution 2:- 
1. Go to Settings -> Cellular.
2. Scroll down “Use cellular data for” section and change the Podcasts on or off as your wish.
cellular settings ios
3. Now go back to the settings and find podcasts preferences.
4. Finally ensure the setting is the same as you previously set.
Podcasts use cellular data
Solution 3:-
You can turn this annoying notification off on your apps.
Go to Settings -> Notification Center -> “App of Choice” -> Show in Notification Center.
Turn on.
This will make the message shows up in the Notification Center, instead of the middle of your device screen.
Solution 4: (for Jailbreaking iPhone or iPad users)
Use NoAnnoyance – CydiaSubstrate tweak.
If your problem not solved yet, do let us via comment.

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2 responses to How to Fix : Cellular Data Is Turned Off For "Podcasts"

I appreciate the attempt at 'fixing' this annoying problem but turning the cellular data back on is not what I want to do. It comes from the factory with all apps enabled and I went in and turned most off for cellular data. Why does apple have to constantly bombard us with this reminder when it was something that was changed on the user level? WE KNOW we turned it off!
Sorry to vent. I've just been getting sick of this notification lately. There's got to be a way for apple to actually fix this. For now, I'll try sending this stupid message to the notification center instead.

This has been annoying me for years. Problem now solved, I think.
No pop up since I've used these settings, and the podcasts download with wi-fi only:
Settings > Cellular > Podcasts > ON
Settings > Podcasts > Use Cellular Data > ON
Settings > Podcasts > Only Download on Wi-Fi > ON

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