Protective Cases for MacBook Air with M2 Chip

Have you purchased Apple's new MacBook Air 2022 with an M2 chip (13.6 inches)? If so, you've come to the right place. Yes, I'll list the best cases for your MacBook Air M2 here. This helps to safeguard your Mac against unintentional damage. So, scroll down and choose the best case for your Macbook Air M2.

TWOLSKOO for M2 MacBook Air 13.6 Inch Case 2022 ($26.99)

TWOLSKOO for M2 MacBook Air 13.6 Inch Case 2022
  • This TWOLSKOO fits perfectly in the M2 MacBook Air (13.6inch).
  • It is a very strong and long-lasting PC.
  • This is a hard shell case for your M2 chip MacBook Air.
  • TWOLSKOO case does not obstruct any ports on your Mac.
  • This one is very simple to use.
  • It offers a one-year product warranty.
  • Then it has many designed cases for your MacBook Air (M2 chip).

Seorsok ($25.99)

Seorsok 2
  • Seorsok is made of high-quality plastic that is not the same as ordinary plastic.
  • It fits perfectly in the 13.6-inch MacBook Air (M2 Chip).
  • 360-degree defense.
  • The clear case shields your MacBook Air from scratches.
  • Its keyboard protector also prevents dust from accumulating on your keyboard.
  • This is a two-piece design, but installation and removal are very simple.
  • It's precise cutting never blog any port from your MacBook Air (M2 chip).
  • And if you have any problems with this seorsok case, it will provide you with 24-hour customer support.

MEEgoodo ($22.99)

MEEgoodo Case for MacBook Air 13.6 inch Case 2022
  • MEEgoodo is also the best one for your 13.6-inch MacBook Air.
  • Simple installation and a detachable case
  • It includes an anti-slip black rubber stand for stability.
  • The top is transparent and glossy.
  • Free of scuffs.
  • This MEEgoodo hardshell cover comes with one keyboard cover and screen protector, as well as two webcam protectors.
  • If you have any product failures, please contact MEEgoodo and they will replace your cover.

EooCoo ($23.98)

EooCoo case Compatible with New MacBook Air M2 Chip 13.6 inch
  • This hard case is constructed of high-quality PC plastic.
  • EooCoo guards your Mac against dust and scratches.
  • Its portable polishing cloth allows you to gently lean your Mac and its surface.
  • This transparent hard case is simple to install and remove.

SanMuFly ($27.99)


SanMuFly Compatible with MacBook Air 13.6 inch Case 2022
  • SanMuFly has created a matte hard shell cover for the MacBook Air M2 (13.6 inches)
  • It is made of PC plastic and has 3D UV printing.
  • It is simple to install and remove.
  • The product comes with top and bottom cases, a screen protector, a dust plug, and a keyboard cover.


These are the best cases for your MacBook Air M2 (13.6 inches). So let's protect our Mac from harm's way. Simply select one of the cases. I hope you'll find it useful. And please continue to support

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