Can’t Turn Off Location Services on iPhone iOS 12? Here’s the fix

Many Apple users have a complaint that can’t turn off Location Services on their iPhone. Some people said that it becomes greyed out. One of the iPhone users said some solutions to fix this issue. Here I am going to share those solutions with you. If you have the same problem, this article will help you to fix it.
Why can’t I turn off Location Services on my iPhone?
If you set restrictions for Location Services, it will be greyed out and you can’t turn it off. So disable the restrictions for Location Services.
How to Disable restrictions for Location Services?

  1. Go to Settings->General->Restrictions.
  2. Scroll down to find “Location Services” and tap it.
  3. Select “Allow Changes”.
  4. Then Turn Off “Location Services”.

You can use another way to turn off Location Services after disabling restrictions for Location Services.

  1. Go to Settings->Privacy->Location Services.
  2. Turn off “Location Services”.

If you know any other solutions to fix this issue, let us know through your comments.

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