Fixed: Can't sign-in App Store on macOS Mojave?

Some users have written that they are having app store issues after updating to MacOS Mojave. The most common error messages related to the issue are “An unexpected error occurred while signing ”. This stops users from downloading applications from the Mac App Store, so it’s very inconvenient. To help you the “cannot connect to App Store” on Mojave, High Sierra and more.

Check Network Connection:

1. Open Mac and Click Menu.
2. Tap System Preferences and Click Network.
3. Check the Network to connected or not ( if it is red, the network is not connected).
Network option

Add Global Address:

1. Open Mac and Click Menu.
2. Tap System Preferences and Click Network.
3. Then, Click Advances in the right bottom corner.
4. Choose DNS.
5. Click on “+” under the DNS Servers box and add the DNS address:

6. Click on “+” again to add another Apple’s global DNS address:
7. Tap on OK.
8. Now, restart your Mac.

Delete Invalid Files:

1. Open Mac Menu and Go to Finder Option. (Or)
2. Use the keyboard shortcut, Press SHIFT+ CMD + G keys together.
3. Search Box Appears type “/var/db/crls/” to Search Delete Invalid Files.
4. Then, Search two files crlcache.db and ocspcache.db and Delete them.
delete invaild
  5. Now, restart your Mac.

Using Terminal:

1.Open Terminal on your Mac.
2. Enter the line: cd “/Library/Security” and press  Enter.
3. Perform this line: sudo ditto
4. Next, Enter the line: cd “/Library/Security/Trust Settings”.
5. Finally, Enter this line: sudo rm *.plist.
6. Now, restart your Mac.
The above solutions are worked for me. Hopefully, these solutions have made your App store to Sign.

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