Can't Resume El Capitan Download? Here's how to fix it

My MacBook Air unexpectedly shutdown (electricity was gone). Can’t resume download of new OS X (El Capitan) upgrade. Now it says “Waiting…” for an hour.

Restarting Mac system does not help. Try the below suggestions to resolve the issue.
Solution 1: Download a new EI Captain

  1. Check the App Store -> Purchase Tab for Resume button.
  2. If it does not work, delete the OS X El Capitan downloaded from the /Applications/ folder.
  3. Start a new El Capitan download.

Solution 2: Download free app
Simply download any free app from the AppStore and this will kick the OS X EI Capitan into downloading.
Solution 3:  Click on the paused icon
paused icon
If you have a partial download there will be a paused icon in Launchpad. Just click on it and the download should resume.
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