Can’t redownload purchased songs from iTunes, fix

I am recently faced this problem. Song shows as “Purchased” in iTunes. But it won’t let me to redownload it. Also this purchased song doesn’t show up in my purchased list.
“Download” button is grayed out and the song  says “Purchased”.
Solution 1:-

  1. Unhide hidden purchases.
  2. Launch iTunes on your computer.
  3. Go to iTunes store and sign in.
  4. Select Account on Quick links (right hand side).
  5. Find  iTunes in the cloud section and choose “Hidden purchases”
  6. Go to Manager.
  7. Choose unhidden button to unhide any purchases.

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Sollution 2:-

  1. Launch iTunes on your Mac Or Windows PC.
  2. Go to iTunes -> Preferences -> Store.
  3. Click the boxes

“download pre-orders when available”
“show itunes in the cloud purchases”
Solution  3:-

  1. Go to iTunes store from quick links and select Purchased.
  2. On the another screen, select Not on this computer.
  3. It will show song tracks that are available for download.

Note : On the lower-right corner of the screen, one button should available named as “Download All”.
Solution 4:-
From the iTunes music section, turn on View ->Show Music in the Cloud.
Solution 5:-

  1. Start iTunes from your computer.
  2. Find the particular album with missing songs. Delete that album from your iTunes library.
  3. Navigate to iTunes store.
  4. Choose the Home icon.
  5. On the right side bar, choose Purchased( under the Quick links).
  6. Find the song or album (missing in the purchased list).
  7. Click the cloud download icon (top right corner of the album image)

Also read Apple support guide : Download past purchases

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11 responses to Can’t redownload purchased songs from iTunes, fix

Hi I've had this problem today. Album is showing in hidden but when I click unhide it won't come out of there. Have you got any tips why? I've removed the album from my library as some songs were missing. I really hate this new iTunes on my Mac and my iPhone!! Why did they have to change something that didn't need changing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I had the problem also, I logged out of iTunes then rebooted the phone, then logged back in. It worked like a charm.

What if I don’t use the iTunes app on a Mac or PC? I have this issue on my iPad and I don’t have/use/manage iTunes on a Mac or PC.

I had the problem a purchased song would not download. After trying many things I found out how to get it to download.
This how I did it.
I went to iTunes Store, went to previously viewed, and there it was for sale! I purchased it again and said I had already purchased it, and asked if I wanted to download it. I chose download, and it download to my iPhone!
You must look it up by Artist and song in the iTunes Store first!

I need to download all of the songs I Purchased since 2012. I just setup my Icloud account today. (First time I am using it!) There isn't any of my songs in Icloud. I can see all my Purchased songs in the store, but not in Icloud. How can I download these songs?

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