Solved: Can’t Open Attachment Files in Outlook Mac

Can't open attachment file in outlook Mac

Recently, many Outlook users have complained that they can’t open the attachments on their Mac Outlook after updating to macOS 11.6.6. Once it opens, it will ask for permission to view it. It is not only Outlook; Apple Mail also faces the same problem sometimes. Until now, there has been no update from Apple or Microsoft. But here is the article where I’ll share some workaround solutions to get rid of these Can’t Open Attachment Files in Outlook Mac. Here we go.

Solution 1: Quit the Preview app

Some users report that closing the Preview app will help fix this issue. To do that,

  • Press the Option + Command + ESC keys together to close the Preview app easily.
  • Or else, you can also force quit the app by clicking the Apple logo and selecting the Force Quit option.

Force Quit Preview

  • Here, select the Preview app from the pop-up.

Solution 2: Use Adobe Acrobat instead of Preview

Use Adobe Acrobat instead of Preview for Mac Outlook

You can use the default PDF viewer as an Adobe Acrobat instead of a Preview app. Adobe Acrobat helps you open and read the PDF files on your Mac. It’s available on You can go and download it from there. After the download, set Acrobat as the default PDF viewer. 

Solution 3: Report this bug to Apple and Microsoft

If you still face this issue, then you have to complain about this bug to Apple and Microsoft. For that,

For Apple:

For Microsoft:


These are the temporary steps to prevent the “Can’t open attachment files in Outlook Mac” issue. If we know of any other solution to this problem, then I’ll update this post and pin the solutions in the comment section below. And don’t forget to bookmark this page for feature preference. Thank you and keep supporting

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