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I have updated my MacBook with latest version software but I can’t do the installation, I get the error that says “Installation failed – Couldn’t install the software”. There is a number of things that cause these problems. Let’s take a look for the solution for the problem.

  • Most importantly, MacBook needs Proper Restart to install the software.
  • Press and Hold the Power button to Turn Off and Press again the Power button to Turn On the Macbook.


  • Open Mac Menu -> System Preferences.
  • Select Security & Privacy.
  • Check the App store and identified developer check-box is Enabled in Allow Apps downloader from.
  • If it is not Enabled, Enable it.


  • Most of the times, WiFi Connection may give an issue to connect with the network in MacOS software, it may be a problem with the Router or the Network provider is down.
  • So, try to Connect the Mac to Wired connection.
  • After connecting to the Wired Network, Go to Downloads -> Cancel the Software update/ delete it.
  • Restart your MacBook and give download and update again.


  • Reset the NVRAM, It allows the devices to recover from the instability issues.
  • Hold and Press Command + Option (Alt) + P + R, these four keys to Reset the NVRAM ( Non- Volatile Random Access Memory) and restart the Macbook.
  • Now, the MacBook will restart normally with a complete installation of the Software.


  • In some situations, We need to Reset Mac SMC (System Management Controller) this helps to recover the data and moving on the Reinstall the MacOS.
  • If you have a Non- Removable Battery, then Hold and Press Shift + Ctrl + Option (Alt) + Power Button and then Turn On the Mac.
  • If you have a Removable Battery, then remove and insert the battery from your MacBook.

Hopefully, you also have got enough data from your Mac and continue working on your New Mac.
Note: You can get Latest updates of MacOS software in this link:

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