Can’t install El Capitan: "No packages were eligible for install", fix

Lot of Mac OS X useres reported this problem during El Capitan instillation. They can’t install El Capitan and getting error like “No packages were eligible for install”.
Fix 1 : Creat bootable OS X capitan USB drive
Create a bootable EI capitan USB drive on a different computer using the this article.

  • Then Boot your computer by holding the option key during startup
  • Then select the install/upgrade option
  • You may receive an error like ”This copy of the Install OSX EI captain application can’t be verified. It may have been corrupted or tampered with during downloading”.
  • Then you need to enter the Terminal via Utilities menu and reset the system clock to the correct time and then install.
  • Wait until it finish installation.

Fix 2 : Just Correct the system date and time using terminal mode

  • Go into Terminal mode and update the system date to current date, then  proceed with the installation
  •  El Capitan up & running after it rebooted.

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Fix 3 : Change the date and time using terminal app

  • Before creating the boot drive, try the date change in Utilities > Terminal first and restart the install.
  • Use the format date {month}{day}{hour}{minute}{year}to change date and enter the command hit return and by setting correct date the installation must occur correctly .

If you knew any other solutions to solve “No packages were eligible for install” error on Mac, inform us using comment.

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