Fixed: Can’t Import Photos From iPhone To PC

cant import photos from iPhone to Pc

Many iPhone users get struggled when they are trying to transfer their photos from their iPhone to PC. We may try so many methods that we normally trying with Android phones but no use at times. Here I will share some methods to fix this problem. Let’s see how to solve this issue

To do first

  • If you can’t import your photos from iPhone to PC, just check your USB cable, because there may be dust in that. If so clean it.
  • Or else change your USB connector.
  • At times you need an update your devices.

Solution 1: Via Windows Explorer

  • Connect your iPhone to your PC.
  • Then launch Windows Explorer -> Internal Storage -> DCIM -> 100APPLE.
  • In that just check whether your device will appear or not.
  • If you witness your device on that, you can transfer your photos easily.

Note: But you should keep your iPhone unlocked.

Solution 2: For Windows 7

For Windows 7 PC,

  • Just connect your iPhone to your PC then you may witness the AutoPlay window.
  • In that tap on “Import Pictures and Videos using Windows”.
  • Then tap on the “Import Settings Link”.
  • Your imported pictures automatically will be stored in the “My Pictures” folder. Select the folder that you want to import your photos from by clicking on the Browse button located next to the “Import to” field.
  • Then select “OK”.
  • You can skip “Step 4”.

At times AutoPlay window will not turn up automatically, then

  • Go to Start -> Computer -> then right-click on your device -> in that tap on “Import Pictures and Videos“.
  • Then select the Import Settings Link.
  • Your imported pictures automatically will be stored in the ‘My Pictures’ folder. Select the folder that you want to import your photos from by clicking on the Browse button located next to the ‘Import to’ field.
  • Turn on the “Always erase from device after copying” option. Then tap on “OK”
  • While your importing process is on you can select a tag if necessary.
  • After this process, you can view the imported items in “Windows Photo Gallery”.
  • Those photos and videos will be displayed in “Recently Imported”.

Solution 3: For Windows 10

  • At times this may cause because the Pictures directory in Windows 10.
  • For that launch “This PC”, then right-click the Pictures folder.
  • In the pop-up box select “Properties”.
  • In that select Security -> tap on Edit button -> chooses your account from the shown list.
  • Next check “Full Control” in the Allow column. Then tap on Apply and give OK.
  • Now you can import your photos to your PC.

Solution 4: iCloud Backup

iCloud Backup on iPhone

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer via Wi-Fi.
  • Next launch Settings -> iCloud -> then turn on “iCloud” by tapping on the toggle straight to it.
  • Then select “Backup”, it will automatically backup your iPhone data. Even you can manually be done the backup by turn on Backup now.
  • This will be done with the same Apple ID and password.

Solution 5: Through iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library

  • Choose the photos you want to import.
  • Then turn on iCloud Photo Library, then wait for some time for all your photos to be uploaded to your phone.
  • To import without any struggle stop the Auto-lock.
  • After the upload is over, you can transfer it to your computer.

Solution 6: Update your iTunes

  • If your computer doesn’t show up on your device means, just download the latest version of iTunes.
  • Then connect your iPhone to a computer.
  • Next launch the Photos app on the computer.
  • At the top of the right corner, just tap on the Import button.
  • Choose the needed photos and tap on “Continue” to import the selected photos.

Solution 7: Send a Mail

  • Launch the Photos app on your iPhone.
  • Then select the photos you need to import.
  • Then click the Share button to get the sharing options.
  • In that select Mail. Send a new mail to yourself, then click on Send.

I hope this article will help to solve your problem with photos transferring with PC. If you know any other comments let us know via our valuable comments. Thank you and keep supporting us.

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