How to fix "Cannot Turn On iPhone Cellular Calls" error

When Apple users try to activate iPhone cellular calls, they get error message like “Cannot Turn on iPhone Cellular Calls. FaceTime and iCloud must be signed in to the same Apple ID to use iPhone cellular calls”.
iPhone users used same Apple ID in both iCloud and FaceTime. But they getting this error message. This issue happened after iOS 8.1 update.
cannot turn on iPhone cellular calls
This issue happened because of the wrong configuration. Make sure your both iPhone and Mac logged in to same Apple ID, connected with same WiFi network and “iPhone Cellular Calls” option marked on both iMac and iPhone.
Fix 1:-

  1. Navigate to OS X FaceTime preferences and choose “Sign Out”.
  2. Then log back in to your account. You will get the message about your computer had logged in to FaceTime.
  3. This will fix this error.

Fix 2:-
If you want to make calls from your Mac, make sure enable FaceTime calls from your Apple ID email address on both iPhone and the Mac. Do not uncheck your phone number.
After you enabled FaceTime calling from your Apple ID on both Mac and iPhone, then enable cellular calling on your phone.
Then try to make cellular call on your Mac.
Fix 3:- (Option to activate iPhone Cellular Calls on Mac is completely disabled)

  1. Create temporary user on your Mac. Open FaceTime -> FaceTime Preferences under that temporary user.
  2. iPhone cellular calls option was available under FaceTime preferences. Make sure iPhone cellular call option is enabled.
  3. Then log back with your Mac user account.

Note : Opening temporary user allows your Mac or iMac to reset the preference file to default.
Other fixes:-

  • Restart your Mac.

If your issues was fixed, do let us via comment.

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I don’t have a Mac. Just an iPhone, iPad, iPod. But I get the same error and rebooting, signing out and back in does not work

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