You can use iPhone as a Remote, Scanner, Projector etc..

I think iPhone users are lucky because you can use your iPhone as a Scanner, Tv Remote, Projector, GPS Tracker, CCTV, Boby monitoring, Play iPhone music in your Car…. Now  I listed some ways to use your iPhone in another source.
Use your iPhone as a TV Remote
Remote helps you to change the channels fastly. You all have the habit of changing channels frequently. So you may wish to use an alternative device to control your TV channels.  There are some Apps for iPhone  to control your TV channels
1.Apple TV Remote

  1. After downloading the Apple TV App, go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Control Center> Customized control.
  3. Tap the “+” button next to Apple TV Remote.
  4. Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.
  5. Launch Apple TV Remote app and then enter your Four digit Passcode.
  6. Then click “Add Apple TV”.
  7. Select your Apple TV.
  8. Wait for a few minutes and then you will see the Four-digit Passcode on Apple TV.
  9. Enter the Passcode on your iPhone for pairing the screen.
  10. Now you are ready to control your Apple TV by using your iPhone.

Note: You can use Siri to control your 4th generation Apple TV.
2. Smart  TV Remote App

  1. This app provides basic functions only.
  2. In this App, Power On/Off button, volume +/ – button, channel button and the numbers are only available.

There are two ways to control your device :

  • Connect the internet through Wi-Fi.
  • Bluetooth is a second way to connect.

Note:  Distance between the Apple TV and iPhone should be within the range of 30-40 feet.
Some of the remote control apps:

How to connect Projector
You can project your files, videos, pictures on the big screen by using the iPhone. Projectors are usually connected through a computer. But now you can access the projector through iPhone by using a VGA cable
Step 1: Buy VGA Lightning adapter will be available on Amazon or Apple Store.
Note: Cable will differ for iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6plus. Adapter for iPhone 4, 4S is called VGM-to-30 pin adapter.

Step 2: VGA cable is the projector cable that is already connected with the computer. Connect one end of VGA-Lightning adapter with the computer. After plugging the Adapter, constrict the core of the VGA cable. It makes the connection strong.
Step 3: Connect another end to your iPhone’s Charging Port.
Step 4: Connect the projector audio cable to your iPhone through the headphone jack.
How to use as a Scanner?

  1. Launch Notes App.
  2. Tap Square with pen icon (used for creating new notes).
  3. Tap the “+” icon at bottom of the notes.
  4. Click “Scan Document”.
  5. Now click three circle icon for getting the clear document. There will be a different type of scanning methods available like the color(best for magazines), Grayscale(to turn photos into shades of grey), and Black & White(used for black and white print out).
  6. Hold iPhone to scan until you see the yellow box at the top of the text.
  7. You can scan by “auto or manual mode”. Manual mode is the best option.
  8. Here you can drag near corners to adjust and crop images.
  9. If you have too many documents to scan, then wait for getting “Ready for Next Scan”.
  10. After scanning all documents, tap “Save”.

How to share and print the scan?

  1. To share a single scan or series of scans, tap Share Icon at the top-right corner.
  2. You can share by using Message, Mail, or any other options.
  3. For printing, tap Share Icon and then choose a nearby printer.
  4. You can also convert scan document to PDF by copy to iBooks for reading.

Note: This option will not be available on iPhone 5, iPhone 5S.
There are many scanner apps available. Here I shortlisted some apps.

  1. By using this app, you can scan multiple documents and then convert them to PDF.
  2. If you want to send a document through email, just tap “Send”.
  3. If you want to print, select the nearby printer and then tap “Print”.
  4. You can also edit the document.

How to use iPhone as a GPS Tracker?
Tracking location and finding friends locations are the activities of GPS Tracker.
GPS Tracker By Follow Mee App:

  1. In this app, you can see the full location you had traveled.
  2. Use your tracking ID and Login.
  3. Select your device.
  4. Here you can view on “Maps” and “ Satellite”.
  5. Tap “Locate me now “ to view the tracker’s location and report speed.
  6. Select the date and tap it.
  7. Now you will see a full journey you made.
  8. In Satellite mode, you can view Time and Speed you traveled.

Find My Friend App
By using this app, we can track the locations of our friends, relations, etc..

  1. Launch Find My Friend App.
  2. Turn On “Share My Location”.
  3. Click “Done”.
  4. Tap “App”. And then you will see a list of contacts that available on the iPhone.  Select the contact that you want to track.
  5. Now a pop-up box will be displayed and then select Share indefinitely > Accept.
  6. After accepting, you will see a pop-up box where you can share the limited time or days.
  7. Finally, click “Notify Me” to find friends location.

Note: To track your friends’ location, find my friend app should be available on your friends’ iPhone also.
How to use iPhone as a CCTV?
You can also use iPhone as a CCTV Remote Controller. By using HikVision iVMS-4500 App, you can control your CCTV footage

  1. You can access 16 channels.
  2. Can playback the footages.
  3. Here PTZ control is available to zoom in and out.

HikVision CCTV app iVMS-4500

  1. Download and launch the App on your iPhone.
  2. Click Menu icon at the top corner.
  3. Select your device and then click “Manual Adding”. Finally, tap “+” icon.
  4. Enter Alias, Address, Port, Username, & Password and then tap “save”.
  5. To watch live activity, click “Live View”.
  6. Select the Camera. Now you can see live activity.
  7. If you feel to see previous activity click the Menu icon > Remote Playback.
  8. And choose the date you want to see.

Baby Monitor
You can monitor your babies through Cloud Baby Monitor App. Here, you can monitor your live status of your baby, Sensitive Audio, Noise and Motion alerts.
Play iPhone  music in your car

  1. By using car stereo, via AUX cable (Syncwire SW-SC017 Aux Cable 3.5mm auxiliary cable), you can play music in your car.
  2. Connect one end to your iPhone’s headphone jack and another end to the car.

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