How to calibrate iPhone screen, battery, compass, keyboard

Sometimes your iPhone needs to be calibration. The iPhone does not have a separate option for calibration. So, here given some instruction to calibrate your iPhone screen, compass, and keyboard using some apps on your iPhone.
Solution 1: Reset your settings on iPhone
iphone reset settings

  1. Navigate to Settings -> General ->Reset.
  2. Select Erase All Content and Settings and enter the password.
  3. A small pop-up appears, select Erase iPhone.
  4. Thus the iPhone will be fresh as for factory.

Solution 2: Compass calibration

  1. Keep the Location services ON for calibration.
  2. If the service is off, the calibration screen will be displayed.
  3. ON and OFF the screen by opening compass, this will solve the problem.
  4. Rotate the red mark in the compass map until the compass appears on the screen.


  • Draw the accurate line using chalk and check with the iPhone compass for right direction.
  • This problem may be due to the improper connection of towers.

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Solution 3: Battery Calibration
battery caliberation

  1. Drain the iPhone power completely.
  2. Plug the charger and charge until it attains 100%.
  3. Let the phone stays for few hours without any process.
  4. Press home and power buttons to restart the iPhone.
  5. Connect your charger, when the phone is restarting.
  6. Remove the charger and now the calibration is completed.


  • Calibration is needed for battery sensor.
  • Genius Bar can help to calibrate your battery.
  • Battery calibration is required once in a month and also after iOS update.

Solution 4: iPhone screen calibration
Calibrate an iPhone Screen

  1. Go to Settings ->Display and Brightness.
  2. Turn OFF the Auto-Brightness option.
  3. Swipe the brightness slider left and right for several times. Now turn On the Auto- Brightness option.
  4. Or Backup and restore will help to calibrate the iPhone.
  5. If the phone is not responding properly, clean the screen or take the iPhone to Apple Store.

Note: Calibrate the Auto-Brightness Sensor.

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