26 Best CAD software for Mac

Compare to PC there is less number of CAD Software are available for Mac in the market.
Below mentioned the best CAD Software for Mac
TurboCAD Pro ($499) 2D and 3D
It is a high-performance  CAD design  Software for Mac. The advantage of this CAD  application Software is it allows the users to open 35 different file formats including.DWG, .DXF,.SKIP, IGES etc.
SmartDraw ($12.95/ month.free trial)
We can design thousands of templates using SmartDraw.  It is a versatile diagramming tool. This Software come to the market over 20 years ago. Hundreds of engineers use this Software for drawing floor plans, landscape layouts for building etc. This Software automatically calculates dimensions for you.

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Smart formatting.
  3. Smart templates.
  4. Smart Integration.

MacDraft Pro ($314) 14 Day Free Trial – 2D only
MacDraft pro
We can buy this Software from Mac App Store and buy the CD version of this Software for $349. MacDraft Software is ease to use for a 2D CAD app.
TurboCAD Deluxe ($60) – 2D and 3D
It is user-friendly CAD Software for Mac. Using this Software we can design floor plans, diagrams, and illustrations.
Autodesk Fusion 360 ($40/month or $300/year)
It is the cloud-based Software, unlike AutoCAD. In this Software we can’t save files locally, save it on online only.
FreeCAD (Free)
FreeCAD is a free 3D modelling Software for Mac.
LibreCAD is an open source Software CAD application Software for Windows, Apple, and Linux. It developed as a Fork of QCAD  Community Edition and it is a free CAD application Software for 2D design.  This Software has all basic tools so we easily draw line and circle tools etc.
You can download and install this Software freely. It has lot inbuilt features included in it.

  1. It is free – so no license costs and annual costs.
  2. This Software has more than 20  number of languages.

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QCAD (Free)
It is the another free open source CAD application Software for Mac and Windows. Using this Software we can create technical drawings for buildings.
We can also add extra features in this Software.  This Software is easy to use even for beginners who has no little experience in CAD applications.  QCAD Software is mainly focused on

  1. Modularity.
  2. Extensibility.
  3. Portability.

Draft It  2D (Free)
It is a good entry-level CAD application Software for beginners and students.
DraftSight (Quotes on Request)
This Software is developed by Dassault systems. Students and educators can easily download this Software and activate it for free. DraftSight Software is available for professional CAD users. Using this Software we can work with DWF files.
AutoQ 3D($29.99 Mac App Store)
AutoQ 3D Software is a user-friendly interface Software for Mac.
ArchiCAD ($4250 Free Trial)

  1. Working with parametric objects.
  2. Collaboration and remote objects.
  3. API and scripting.
  4. Data and Interchange.

SketchUp  Pro (Free for Personal & Educational use)
This Software is free for Educational and Personal use.

  1. Easy to use CAD Software.
  2. Customizable interface.
  3. Multiple file import options.

CorelCAD for Mac ($664)
It is a perfect Software for engineers, architects, and construction service providers. This CAD application Software mainly focuses on 2D designs.
DeltaCAD ($39.99 Mac App Store- Free Trial)
DeltaCAD Software is most suitable for beginners. It one of the CAD application Software that supports for 3D design tools for Mac
RealCAD ($795)
This Software has the set of tools for both 2D and 3D design.
RealCADOpenSCAD (Free)
OpenSCAD is a free open source Software for 3D modelling application.
CADintosh X ($33.99 Mac App Store – Free Trial)
Like DeltaCAD, it is a budget 2D CAD program for Mac users.
This Software is specially designed for Mac users.  It supports only for 2D CAD. We can import and export AutoCAD files and TIFF files.
iCadMac ($794) 30 Day Free Trial
Compare to AutoCAD Software it is the cheapest alternative software.  It is a user-friendly Software for both 2D and 3D mac users.  We can easily read and write AutoDesk DWG files.
SolidThinking Evolve (Pricing on Request/Free Trial)
This Mac Software is mainly designed for Professional Industrial Designers.
Graphite Mac Software is formerly called as Vellum. According to the customer satisfaction, this CAD application Software operates in high-speed. Graphite Software produces the complex designs very quick.
PowerCADD ($995- Free Trial Version)
It is a flexible and robust CAD design tool. This Software developed from Power Draw platform.

  1. Speed and performance.
  2. Transparency.
  3. New layer tools.
  4. Multiple transparent images.

powercadd features
VectorWorks Software supports both 2D and 3D design. It is specifically designed for construction engineers.
ARES Commander (License starts at $250 per year)
ARES Commender
ARES Commander is the first CAD Software running on Windows, Mac & Linux. If you buy an ARES Commander you get a 1-year license of ARES Touch for all your Android devices. This Software is reasonably priced.
Siemens NX (Various pricing plans)
It is the industry design Software for both Mac and PC. This CAD application used by industrial and aerospace engineers.
BricksCAD for Mac
BricksCAD Software has 3D modeling with advanced 2D design features. This Software runs on three Windows, Linux,  and Mac platforms. Three versions of BricksCAD are available. They are Classic($550), Pro ($680) and BricksCAD Platinum ($910).  We can download 30 days free trial of BricksCAD for Mac.

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