How to find, Bypass admin password on Mac

Learn how to reset or bypass forgotten Mac admin login password.
Solution 1: Modify the password in single user mode
1. Hold command+S on startup
2.mount -uw / (fsck -fy is not needed)
3.launch ctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ (or /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ in 10.6)
4.dscl . password /Users/username (without a trailing slash) and enter a new password. You can ignore the error
Solution 2: create a new account
1. Hold Command+S on startup
2.mount -uw / (fsck -fy is not needed)
3.rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone
Note: You can leave all fields in the personal information.
5. Log in to your new account and then go to Users and preference pane
6. And then select the old account and then enter the new password
Solution 3: Reset the password 
1. Hold Command+R on startup
2. In the Utilities menu and then open “terminal”
3. Type reset password and following the instructions

  • After Entering an incorrect password for three times then appears a dialogue box prompts you to reset using Apple ID
  • And then click on the arrow button  to display “Reset password” dialogue box
  • Enter the Apple ID login information and click “Reset password”
  • Then click “Ok” and enter a new password and then click on “Reset password”
  • Then Click “Continue to log in

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Solution 4: Use terminal  and release the keys
1. Start the computer and Hold “Apple + s” key until you see the terminal show and release the keys
2. Type “/sbin/mount-uaw” and then press “enter”
3. Type “rm /var/db/.applesetupdone” and then press “enter”
4. Type “reboot” and then press “enter”
Solution 5: Reset login keychain password
1. Open Applications > Utilities > Keychain access > Preference
2. In new versions of Mac Os X under General click on the Reset the default keychain password button
3. And then create a new one with new password
Note: If the button is not present choose Edit > Keychain list and then select the login keychain and then select (-) button to delete it
4. Quit Keychain access and then reboot the Mac.
Solution 6: Use the Installer CD or DVD
1. Power On the Mac and insert the disc immediately and then Hold “C” (to make the Mac start from Disc version of Mac Os X)
2. Then Choose Reset Password from the Utilities menu
3. Choose the hard disk volume and name of original administrator account
4. Enter the new password and click “Save”
5. Restart the Mac.

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