How to Book a Apple genius bar appointment?

Many people have a question that “How do I make a Genius Bar Appointment”. If you are one of them, this article will help you. Many issues arise day by day on iOS devices. Sometimes you can’t repair your device yourself. At that time you need to go to Apple Store to repair your device. Before you go to the Apple Store, you need to make a Genius Bar reservation.
How to make a Genius Bar appointment?

  1. Go to Apple Genius Bar Site.
  2. If you have software issues, click “Get software help”. If you have hardware issues, click “Get hardware help”.
  3. Select an iOS device that you have a problem with.
  4. You can see a search box under “what is happening with your iOS Device (iPhone/iPad/Mac…)? or you will be given many options under the search box to select the problem on your device.
  5. Enter your problem in the search box or select any one of the given options.
  6. Select your problem form given options.
  7. You will be asked a question “How would you like get help?” with options.
  8. You can call or chat to contact Apple Support. You can even send an email to explain your problem.
  9. Click “Bring in for Repair” if you want to go to repair your device directly. Then follow the screen instructions to proceed.
  10. Then you will be shown available appointment times. Select the date & time that is fine for you and fill up your contact details.
  11. Go to the Apple Store early before an appointment time. Go to the Apple Genius Bar and confirm that you have an appointment.

Another way to book Genius Bar appointment:
Go to the Apple Store directly is the best way to get an appointment from Apple Genius Bar. Walk into Apple Retail Store near to you and get an appointment. When you try to have a “walk-in” appointment, you may wait for one or two hours.
Click here to know your nearby Apple retail stores.
Before you go to the Apple Store,

  • Backup your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc).
  • Get ready with your Apple ID & Password.
  • Sales receipt of your iOS device as a proof of purchase.
  • Bring the accessories that your device needs.
  • Bring your ID proof like Passport, Driving license, or any other proof issued by the government.

Before sending your device to repair,

  • Upair your device if it is paired with any other iOS devices.
  • Backup your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc).
  • Disable iMessage.
  • Restore your device to Factory Settings.
  • Disable Activation Lock.
  • Remove the case, screen protector, and SIM card from the device.
  • Send your charger and cable with your iOS devices.

If you know any other ways to make a Genius Bar appointment, let us know through your comments.

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