Bluetooth Not Available on Mac High Sierra? Here’s the fix

I updated my mac to High Sierra before 2 weeks ago. Whenever I turn on my mac it says “Bluetooth Not Available”. I asked my friend why my mac keeps on saying “Bluetooth Not Available”. She told some solutions to fix this issue. Here I am going to share those solutions with you.
Solution 1: Restart Mac

  1. Shut down your Mac.
  2. Unplug everything that have plugged into Mac (like USB cables, Headsets, etc).
  3. Wait for 6 minutes.
  4. Then turn on your Mac.

Solution 2: Reset Bluetooth Module

  1. Press and hold Shift+Option keys and click Bluetooth icon.
  2. Select “Debug”.
  3. Click “Reset the Bluetooth module”.
  4. Then restart your Mac via Apple menu->Restart.
  5. Then pair Bluetooth Accessory and check.

Solution 3: Delete

  1. Go to Finder->Go->Go to Folder.
  2. Type ~/Library/Preferences in the pop-up box and then click “Go”.
  3. Scroll down to find (the program you have problems with)
  4. Drag it into Trash Folder and then turn off Bluetooth.
  5. Then restart your Mac.

Solution 4: Reset NVRAM/PRAM

  1. Turn off (shut down) your Mac from Apple menu.
  2. Press the Power Button to turn on your Mac.
  3. Then immediately press and hold the Option+Command+P+R keys simultaneously as quickly as possible after pressing the Power Button.
  4. Keep pressing until Mac restarts.

Solution 5: Safe Boot (Restart your Mac in Safe Mode)

  1. Press and hold the Shift Key. You can see the Apple Logo on the Screen.
  2. Keep pressing the Shift Key until you see the Login Window.
  3. Enter your User Name & Password to login. You may need to login twice if FileVault is turned on.

Solution 6: Reset SMC
If your Mac has a non-removable battery,

  1. Shut down your Mac via Apple menu->Shut Down.
  2. Press and hold the Shift+Control+Option+Power Buttons simultaneously.
  3. Then release the keys at the same time.
  4. Turn on your Mac.

If your Mac has a removable battery,

  1. Remove the battery out of your Mac.
  2. Press and hold the Power Button for 5 seconds.
  3. Insert the battery into your Mac.
  4. Turn on your Mac by Pressing Power Button.

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Other Solutions:

  1. Restart Bluetooth Devices/Accessories.
  2. Uninstall and reinstall High Sierra.

If you know any other solutions to fix this issue, let us know through your comments.

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