Fixed: iPhone X -Bluetooth issues

One of the users complained that the Bluetooth doesn’t work on his iPhone X which has iOS 11.3. Even he can’t connect his Bluetooth to his car while driving.
In this article, I am going to share some information on how to avoid such issues.
Mind it
If you are trying to connect to another phone instead of older one it won’t work. Especially the previous device is nearby the newer one. Because most of the devices can only be paired with a single device.
Fix 1: Reset Network Settings
Reset iPhone
Launch Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network settings. Then try to reconnect your iPhone with Bluetooth, while doing so you have to type the wifi password again. Because this process may cease the passcode.
Note: At times you need to delete all the phones in your UConnect configuration, then add your iPhone X only, before reset network settings.
Fix 2: Remove the previous one

  • You may change into iPhone X recently, so make sure your previous phone has unpaired with your Bluetooth device.
  • On your old phone launch Settings -> Bluetooth -> disable or forget that problematic device.
  • Then try to pair it again.
  • Also get some instructions on how to connect that particular Bluetooth device with your phone on the internet.
  • Because few Bluetooth devices need you to turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone X, but some devices don’t need it.

Fix 3: In cars

  • If the Bluetooth doesn’t connect to your car means,
  • First set your car to forget all the Bluetooth devices, which have used previously. So you should delete your iPhone from the car’s memory.
  • Also on your iPhone X change the Bluetooth name or use the previous name which was linked to your car.
  • Note: But don’t name your phone as ‘iphone’ and all.
  • To change the name
  • Go to Settings -> General -> About -> Name.
  • Then try to pair your device with your car.

Note: sometimes you need to update your car too.
Fix 4: Reset All
Launch Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings. You need to enter your wifi passcode again.
Fix 5: Turn off recent calls
At times you have to turn off Recent call in Contact sync in the Bluetooth settings.
Fix 6: While exchanging

  • If you are having Bluetooth issue when exchanging the files,
  • Launch settings -> General -. Storage & iCloud usage -> Manage Storage.
  • Then in that select Documents & Data.
  • In that delete unwanted files.
  • At last click Edit -> click Delete All.
  • Because storage may cause the issue.

Fix 7: Recovery mode
Just put your iPhone in Recovery mode and clear the Cache items to avoid unwanted Bluetooth issues. After that, you can connect your phone to any Bluetooth device.
If you know any fixes let us know through your valuable comments.

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