iPhone Fix: Bluetooth Headphones Beep Between Songs

While I Playing Songs, often I get a beep sound in my Bluetooth headphones. This problem went away for a while, but after I updated the device, then again started beep sound issues. There are plenty of things that cause this kind of problem. Let’s see some solutions for the issue. 

Solution 1: Check the Bluetooth Settings

  • Check your Bluetooth device whether it is a range or not.
  • Due to distance or wireless clogged, Bluetooth may be out of range. Note: (Range of Bluetooth device is below 30 feet).
  • Try to place or connect your devices at least 10 meters.

Solution 2: Change the Ringer and Alerts option on iPhone

  • Go to Settings -> Sound and Haptics.
  • Select and move the Ringer and Alerts slider and you can even just move it or drag the slider to high and then set it back to center stage.

Solution 3: Make sure to Enable the Noise Cancellation option

  • Launch Settings. And select the General option.
  • Now, Choose Accessibility and you may see the Hearing part.
  • On that, Choose the Noise cancellation option.
  • Then just toggle on it.

Solution 4: Reconnect the Headphones 

  • First, disconnect the headphones from your iPhone.
  • Remove the headphones from your device and Reset the device.
  • And then Restart the device.
  • Now, again connect your Headphones to the iPhone.

Solution 5: Change the volume on Bluetooth headphone

Sometimes simple things will solve many problems. So try this one.

  • First, to change the volume on Bluetooth headphones, raise the volume level and again lower the volume level three times on Bluetooth headphones.
  • Now check your headphone, beeping between songs will go away.

Hope it will work for you to solve this issue on your iPhone. And if you have any doubt regarding this article, share us in the comment box. And keep supporting our iPhoneTopics.com

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