Solved: How To Block Unwanted Email on iPhone, iPad?

At times it’s irritating when we get the emails from unwanted numbers. Don’t you? In this page, I’m going to discuss how to block an email address from your Gmail, Outlook, iCloud Mail, Yahoo mail on your iPhone, iPad.
Solution 1: Block Via Face Time

  • Open Email App ->Click  ‘From’ -> Choose ‘Create Contact’ -> New .
  • In that just type that sender’s details such as name,  email address to find.
  • Note: To find that senders email address and other details,
  • Launch Email -> From.

settings facetime

  • Next open Settings -> FaceTime -> scroll down to find ‘Blocked’ -> Add New -> then you can see the ‘Contacts’ in that choose that particular number.

blocked add new

  • Next click the contact you need to block, you blocked that number.

Block Contacts

  • Then move to  “Settings” page.
  • Then you can check it by clicking on the name.

Solution 2: Changing the Rules

  • On the top bar of your iMac desktop, tap on the ‘Mail’ -> Preferences -> Rules.
  • Then you can witness ‘ If any of the following conditions …” in the second line of the pop-up box.
  • After that it says ‘Any recipient’…you have to change it ‘From’.
  • Next, you can enter the unwanted sender’s email address into an empty box that appears there.
  • Then follow the instructions according to the last line.
  • Next, move those spam messages to ‘On my Mac’.
  • Then ‘Trash’ that.
  • This adding new rule helps you to block the email.

Solution 3: For Yahoo mail

  • Launch on the computer web browser.
  • Then log in with your email address.
  • This will lead you to your yahoo mail inbox
  • Tap on ‘Settings”.

Note: If you are using the old version of  Yahoo, instead of Settings you need to click on ‘One Click away from your upgraded mailbox’ button at the left side of the page.

  • To open settings page click on the ‘More Settings’ at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
  • Tap on ‘Security and Privacy’ -> Blocked addresses ->  then tap on ‘+ Add’ button.
  • A type that sender’s email address in “ Add an Address” text box,  at the top right of the page.
  • Click on ‘Block’ and tap on a blue colored ‘Save’ button.
  • This stops the messages from that sender to your Yahoo mail.

Solution 4: Contact Name Scam
If You want to block any email, you need to change that contact as ‘contact name+scam’.
Solution 5: For Gmail App

  • Launch on the computer web browser.
  • Then log in with your email address.
  • This will lead you to your mail inbox
  • Find and open the email address that you need to block.
  • Next at the upper right side of the opened page tap on “Click”.
  • You can witness a drop-down menu.
  • In that tap on “Block “[Name]”, that [name] will replace by that sender name.
  • Then Click on “Block”, a blue button at the pop-up menu.
  • That blocked address will be saved in your blocked list.
  • But you can see those messages from that address in the ‘Spam folder’.

Solution 6: With ISP

  • Check that your ISP [Internet Service Provider] can block the email address.
  • If you have that use that Server-Side mail rules, you can easily block them,
  • Then only you can block an unwanted email. Otherwise, you can mark them as junk.

Solution 7: For Microsoft Outlook

  • Launch
  • This will lead you to MS Outlook inbox.
  • Open ‘Settings’ at the top-right corner of the Outlook window, and you can see the drop-down menu.
  • In that choose ‘View Full Settings’ -> Mail tab -> Junk email.
  • Then type that sender’s email address in the text box in the ‘Blocked Senders’ section.
  • Tap on ‘Add’ button -> tap ‘Save’ button.


  • On MS Outlook, select the unwanted email then right click on that.
  • Choose ‘Block Sender’ from the pop-up menu.

Solution 8: On iPhone 6s

  • Launch ‘Contacts’ app to edit.
  • In that open ‘Sender details’.
  • There you have ‘Block Sender’ option, with that, you can block.

Solution 9: For iCloud Mail

  • Launch on the computer’s web browser.
  • Then log in with your email address.
  • This will lead you to your iCloud mail inbox
  • Then at the lower left corner of the window click on Settings.
  • Next, choose ‘Rule’ -> in the upper-right corner of the window click on ‘Add a rule’.
  • Enter the sender’s email address on the box below ‘Is From’.
  • If you can’t see that option, tap on the heading to get ‘is from’.
  • Next at the bottom of the menu tap on ‘Then’.
  • Now you can view the drop-down menu, in that select “Move to trash and Mark as Read”.
  • Tap done.
  • Via this method messages from that sender go straight to the trash.

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