How to Block Unknown Callers on iPhone & iPad

Getting lot of calls from unknown caller is really annoying one. On your iPhone or iPad you can block any numbers via Settings -> Phone -> Blocked.
But if you want to block unknown caller, you need to create contact for that call.

Solution 1 :-

  1. launch Settings App.
  2. Turn “do not disturb” on Manual.
  3. Only allow calls from your contacts list.
  4. Also do not allow repeated calls with in 3 minutes to get though.

Solution 2:-

  1. On your iPhone navigate to recent calls. Then get that call info. Use the copy feature on “Unknown Caller”. iPhone unknown caller
  2. Now go to contacts. Click the + sign to add a new contact.  Use the faste feature and fill the fields like first name, last name, company and phone number. Press done.
  3. Now you have option to block the caller.

Solution 3 :- (Method suggested by ASC user)
Copy UNKNOWN and paste it into blocked caller list. No number entry required.
Solution 4:-

  1. Download a silent ringtone. Set this tone as your iPhone default ringtone.
  2. Then go to My contacts and set the different ringtone for your contacts.
  3. So now “number unknowns” call don not ring.

Solution 5:-
Use TrapCall free app to block unwanted “No CALLER ID” calls.

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I have an ex-boyfriend harassing me via an unknown number and I can't block it on my iPhone. I'm running iOS8.4 and it doesn't give the option of adding it as a contact and blocking it. I won't answer the phone because I don't want to talk to him and he hangs up before it goes to voicemail. AT&T said all I can do is change my number but I shouldn't have to because he's a psycho. I need help.

Hey all,
I created the contacts Unknown and No Caller ID. I keep seeing above that there's some confusion about how to get a word into the phone number field. You have to COPY AND PASTE IT. Believe me it will accept it.
iPhone 6 Plus
iOS 9.1

These steps worked previously for me and now I am getting Unknown Caller calls after having my broken screen replaced at Apple. When I try to add within setting Unknown Caller is grayed out. Also a few of my settings were opened up like airdrop.

How do you Copy the Unknown field? When I go to details for the call, the page is completely blank – just says Unknown caller. So how do I copy that on an iPhone 5?

I think I figured out a solution. Go to the unknown call in your recent calls. Click the "i" icon and hold down where it says "Unknown Caller" until the "copy" option comes up. Copy the name. Then create a contact. Paste into the "Name" field, as well as where you place the number. Then if you go into your settings and go to Phone, go to your blocked numbers, touch edit, scroll down, and Add New. Then search for the Unknown Caller in your contacts and add them to your block list. Hopefully my directions make sense!

Does not work on Iphone SE , iOS 9.3.5
You can make a contact named "No Caller ID" but when copying the name and paste it in the phone no field will save it without spaces as "NoCallerID".
Calling myself from the landline with hidden number will still go through.

Exactly! Press and hold and it will bring up the copy option then paste it to the number field and I just created Unknown for the name. Let's see if this works. I don't ever answer unknowns.

This worked perfectly. And the unknown name pasted into the first name slot and the phone number slot. Thanks for the help. The caller I was getting says he's from the windows tech dept and they want to help fix my computer. Aaaahhhh yeah right

I copied and pasted it just fine. But because there isn't an 10 digit number to add, it doesn't block it.

Use trap call for this. I did for a stalking ex-boyfriend. They don't know you aren't getting the call. It rings regular and sends them to a voice mail in that app. You can then delete without having to hear them. Good luck.

You can file a restraining order on him. Go to the courts and they will show you how to do it. If he tries to call you, he will go to jail. You can call your carrier and tell them you only want calls to get through that have caller ID. When you have a restraining order on him, if he calls you have a record of the call.
When you do go to the police to file a restraining order, tell them you feel for your life and you are constantly being harassed. Make a few things up if you need to. If I were you, I would just change my phone number and make it unlisted. Only give it out to those you trust. Take this seriously please…Good Luck!

Just answer the fucking phone and tell him to stop calling you! I fucking hate people like you!~ I hope you are already dead

You have to create a contact by going into your Contacts and adding the name "Unknown" as a contact. Just like it says above.

WRoyall, changed my number four times in similar situation as you….plus a court order. In my case, I Created a contact named No Caller ID as it came up in my recent calls and copied and pasted the Unknown in the first field to enter a contact number and it became available to block. Good luck.

You are absolutely right , create a contact and the word( UNKNOWN) should be in The name and also in the phone number lines then this contact can be blocked

I don't know if it helps but you need to put 'blocked' as both first and surname when adding to contacts on iPhone (I have iPhone 6 +) then going to your blocked list and adding it. I have managed to block unknown caller this way

How can you put 'unknown' in the phone option when it won't let you? I have been getting constant calls from 'unknown' with no phone number showing so that creates a problem. I have an iPhone 5s and none of these tips work.

I have same problem. I copied the name Unknown Caller and pasted it to contacts list but it won't allow me to block

None of these shit answers work. Sure you may be able to paste unknown into a phone number spot in saving the contact, but there's no number to block. No number is coming up when the unknown caller comes through and with that, you don't have an internal way to stop these calls unless you use an app that does it for you. I like iOS, but Android gives you more options for stopping these calls. Apple is nearly a trillion dollar company, making most of its money from the sale and service of iOS devices. They need to make it a feature to stop these harassing calls without the need of a third party application.

I tried all these and couldn't get it to work on my iPhone 6. But went back in and added a contact and put "unknown" in the fields first name, last name, company and phone number. Then I was able to put it in the blocked call list in my settings. But you have to make sure you ONLY put unknown or you won't be able to select it.

I have an iphone 6 plus. I have changed my number twice to avoid a stalker and hate the idea of having to use the Do Not Disturb feature. I PROMISE if you follow these simply steps you will have success. Good luck 🙂
1. Go to your recent call list and copy the name "No Caller ID"
2. Create a new contact and PASTE the name in the First name section AND the phone number section. (don't forget the phone # section VERY IMPORTANT)
3. Save the contact by pressing Done
4.Go to settings
5. Select the phone icon
6. Select "Blocked"
7. Select "Add New" located at the bottom
8. Scroll to find the contact "No Caller Id" and select it.
*REMEMBER if you don't paste the "No Caller ID" in the phone number section it will not allow you to add the the number to the block list. You cannot type it in it because it only provides you with numbers. YOU MUST PASTE!

Thank you so much for the advise. I tried it and it worked. Copy and pasted "no caller id" in my phone number section and a number popped up, I then saved the number under the above caller and voila, no more calls. Made sure that I blocked it as well.

I tried these steps to the letter, no success. Have been getting these calls occasionally before, and sometimes they had a # associated with them (successfully blocked those). But today, I've received 9 calls from "Unknown" in the last 2 hours. No caller ID, no mssg or VM left, immediate hangup if I answer.
I now have 4 separate entries in my Contacts for each conceivable combination
– Unknown as first name, Unknown as phone #
– Unknown as first name, No Caller ID as phone #
– Unknown Caller with as first name, Unknown Caller as phone #
– Unknown Caller with as first name, No Caller ID as phone #
The calls are still coming through incessantly. There's no phone # associated with them to give me any other option to block it. Exasperating!
I'm on an iPhone 6 running iOS 9.1 (Sprint).

You're right. Anyone saying they've "stopped" these unknown calls–it isn't true, especially using the so-called method of simply pasting the word unknown or any or all variations of that word or the word blocked into the number spot into a contact then blocking said contact. First off, these blocked numbers are not dialing from a letter character based number meaning simply putting in a word lets the iPhone know to identify "Unknown" as an actual number. Anyway maybe an app may help, and probably not. However, pasting unknown is not going to work into a contact and blocking it. I've tried each variation and they break through each time.

That's because it's a silly solution that might have at one time worked, but ALL THESE SOLUTIONS ARE NOW BASELESS. Again, PASTING "Unknown" into a contact and blocking that will not stop that or those types of calls from breaking through.

How do you copy and paste? I can't figure it out. I went to my recent calls and help down the unknown caller and only option I get is to add as contact.

Doesn't work. I have the same phone. I'm getting 10-12 a day. Sometimes 4-5 in a 2 hours. I answer and they hang up. Interestingly enough, right after I get a call trying to sell me auto insurance.

Folks, I've tried every option listed here on my iPhone 5C (iOS9) and the "No Caller ID" calls keep coming. On my Android Note 3, I created a contact and blocked it and the app "True Caller" helps identify spam calls.
Anyone have any additional ideas?

Lack of soooooo elementary feature pisses me off completely. Swaping to Galaxy Edge tomorrow and Im already happy to be outside of this walled garden madness

I went to thefor how to block "Unknown Caller or No Caller ID" and they said that there's no way we can block Unknown Caller or No Caller ID unless their's physically show number . We paying double prices for nothing Iam totally hate now IPhone and also useless of app that's appears ?

It doesnt work. I copy and pasted the No Caller Id into my new contact list & in the phone number part and the person was able to keep calling after i blocked it. Do not disturb did not work. I have the iphone 6 on 9.2ios. Usually the do not disturb function worked but not for this specific caller

None of the above work. I getting non-stop calls from "Unknown Caller". There is no number to block. If I create a new contact and try to paste "Unknown Caller" into the phone number box, the software takes out the space and it gets entered as "UnknownCaller". I blocked this contact and 3 minutes later I get the same call again.

Did you ever figure out something. I keep getting an unknown caller and sit still called. No one answers or speaks. It's just a recording and says goodbye

More than likely these types of calls are robo calls in which the sole purpose is to find active numbers they can sell to spammers.

The space doesn't mean anything. The source of he call knows what it is doing by blocking the number. It can't be blocked by simply pasting a word. That doesn't make sense. That's like if they (these callers) used a fake name AND no number. If you blocked the fake name, it is still coming from the fake unknown number. Kids who've only ever had cellphones don't know how phones work.

I have the opposite problem! Drs office calls are unkown and don't ring, just go to voice mail, so I can't talk to the nurse. I have an i phone 4. No problems with other calls. Any suggestions?

The best way to stop unknown callers is to pay the people that you owe money to. Face it they wouldn't have to call you if you set up payment arrangements. To the women who have ex boyfriends the best way to get rid of them is to not contact them after they have left you alone for a few days. I have learned that when I stop calling an ex she always calls or text me after I leave her alone. She says what she has to say then blocks me again. ALOT OF YOU BRING THESE CALLS ON YOURSELVES. LEAVE YOUR EX ALONE AND HE WILL STOP CALLING. JUST DEAL WITH IT FOR 3 DAYS AND MOST WILL QUIT. IF THAT DOESNT WORK GET THE LAW INVOLVED.

Not a good answer David, sorry, not always is this kind of problem, i got a daughter 11 years old and i dont want she been receiving unknown calls..

David you're an idiot. You must be one of those people who work at those despicable places who hound people like dogs. Take your opinions and shove them 🙂 …. oh and have a nice day!

Um pretty sure I didn't do anything to get solicitors and political parties calling me. I don't give out my phone, and I don't have debt. Maybe you should be less of a presumptuous, condescending asshole.

Really David??? One called me 8 times today giving me the name Reginal James with a really bad Indian accent telling me he was in Washington DC and that I can have over $14,000 in grant money. Last week it was Education Services and Kelly at Occupational Advisement. We're on the do not call list so they hide their numbers. So annoying!

I don't owe anybody any money, thank-you very much! These are solictors calling trying to sell me crap I don't want so that I will owe them money!!

Well, aren't you full of your self! I am 77 years old have a credit rating in the 800's and do not owe anyone any money. I am not divorced and I do not have enemies that I know of. So, I must have some other reason to receive these calls.
So, your pompous advice is baloney.

David must have smoked his brain cells away. I have non profit organizations asking for money. Cvs keeps telling me to refill my prescription and I don't want to. Telemarketers keep telling me I've won something. No one should be subject to the harassment.

I get these calls all of the time. I have no debt, no ex so why am I getting these calls? Be fair to those of us just get these calls randomly.

Who says the unknown callers are bill collectors ? Another dumb ass clearly , in my case it's a ex friend not some bill collector , you need something to do with your life ASAP do society a favor and drop dead !

Your a clown who lives in a doublewide and maybe voting for trump how do you spell trash I think it's David that's what you sound like

The problem is when you work in nights like me… And you can't keep phone on silent mode.. Because kids are at school and if something needed … I can't hear it… It sucks

Brian, it looks like you have yet to meet an actual crazy person. Nor have you ever come into a situation you have no control over. Me, I'm just randomly receiving blocked calls & it has been for days. You're only preaching to 10% of these people, guy.

Simple solution. If 'Unknown' is the caller you want to block, create a new contact called Unknown, then type the number 8656696 into the number section. It will automatically put a space between the 5 and the 6. Save the contact, go to the bottom and Block the caller. DONE ???

I was able to save unknown caller and was also able to have it blocked but she still calling me and getting through.can someone please help

Try to download it again that might Woork dide with mine take your time then try it again with a home phone or get one of your friends to call you back to see if that makes it Woork WLJ.florida ps: hop that works. Just a little hint right down what you need to do go slow make sure you follow everything right. Sorry that's old information I have .as of right now. I'll sin you to words that will let you do anything you want to do and think you probably knew and thought about doing later.

I was able to block the calls by copying and pasting only the work unknown and not unknown call in the phone number field. Works perfectly

None of these tips work. They're all bullshit. Sorry. "Good luck" to that. Apple should do better.

I agree, I'm getting calls from "No ID" so there is no number to block. However there's an app that exposes the phone number however it's a bogus phone number. Apple should do much better than this!!!

I have an iphone 6 plus. I have changed my number twice to avoid a stalker and hate the idea of having to use the Do Not Disturb feature. I PROMISE if you follow these simply steps you will have success. Good luck 🙂
1. Go to your recent call list and copy the name "No Caller ID"
2. Create a new contact and PASTE the name in the First name section AND the phone number section. (don't forget the phone # section VERY IMPORTANT)
3. Save the contact by pressing Done
4.Go to settings
5. Select the phone icon
6. Select "Blocked"
7. Select "Add New" located at the bottom
8. Scroll to find the contact "No Caller Id" and select it.
*REMEMBER if you don't paste the "No Caller ID" in the phone number section it will not allow you to add the the number to the block list. You cannot type it in it because it only provides you with numbers. YOU MUST PASTE!

That doesn't work, because you can't add "Unknown" to blocked list unless it has a number added. But in this case it's not "unknown".

@Mihai It does work if you put *something* into any phone field associated with the Unknown record. I just put Unknown into Work Phone, saved, then reopened the contact, scrolled down to Block Caller and clicked it.
To double-check, go to Settings -> Phone -> Blocked and scroll down to the bottom of the list. You should see your entry there.

This might help, IDK. My iphone 5 alternately labels them as Unknown and Unknown Caller (if you look at (i) after the "missed call")… so I made up a New contact named Unknown as the first name, and copy-pasted the same word ("Unknown") into the phone number blank.. which suddenly became "UnknownCaller" (without a space between the letters, i dont know why..). I left it alone, but I made a second Contact entry named Unknown, and copy-pasted the word "Unknown" again into the phone number blank, and this time I edited it to take out "-Caller" using the backspace, so now I have both versions. I also made sure to "Block this Caller" in the contacts list for each one. I also then made a new Contact named Blocked, and put "unknown" in the phone number blank (again, using copy/paste). I just kept doing all variations on this, so we'll see what happens…
If that is the best we can get from Apple, then we have to be inventive.

Some people have genuine/serious/safety needs to block private numbers and this information is aimed at helping those.
Personally, I like being able to block private/withheld/unknown numbers mainly because simple time-wasting often results from such callers (though not all). I also block JUST the phone numbers of people I would rather not speak to immediately on their whim. In both cases I still receive any messages left, and IMPORTANTLY, I still receive the text/SMS messages sent by people whom I have blocked number wise (Unless I also block their messages as well). I expect I could just block messages and not phone calls but have no need to do that and thus have never tried.
I can do all this because I have an Android (Galaxy Note 5). It works on a lower grade Samsung phone as well.
Perhaps consider changing your phone hardware – it depends on how important the issue is to you. On a personal level, the dollar value of time saved has made it a no brainer for me and it also assists with deep-focus (get more quality work done). People don't know they have been blocked either, especially as I still get their text messages.
I used to use an iPhone until an IOS update turned it into a brick. While it is fixed now, I defected to Android.

After 3 days of a fax machine repeatedly called my number I did this and it worked. I created two new contacts – "Unknown" and "No Caller ID". I typed "Unknown" and "No Caller ID" in both the First name and the Company name. Went to Notepad and typed the word "unknown" – all small case. Double tap on the word and copy. Go back, open newly created contacts and edit, hover cursor over the area where you add a number and double tapped again to paste "unknown" into the number. It worked like a champ. Only got 1 Unknown call after this and it rang once and went away. This was after 50+ calls per day the last 3 days. I'm so glad, as I thought I was going to have to change my number.

what i did is, i went to recent calls i copied "unknown " then went to "dial" hit "paste" and then a number of the unknown call appeared since you cant save right away i copied the number and erased the number on the screen then i hit "paste" is where the number appeared then you can save it, put a radom name then go to "block call" find the name you put for the unknown call the hit block.

This method does show a number. I don't know however if it is the real number of the Unknown caller or not. So hopefully it works.
So if this shows the UNKNOWN, or NO CALLER ID number, then how come the phone doesn't show the number in the first place, instead of showing Unknown or No Caller ID?

Doesn't work (for me at least). Did anyone try this for "Unknown Caller" and get the number 8656696225537? Or did you try it for "No Caller ID" and get the number 662-255-3743? If so, I'm not reading your mind. See, I just tried this step and when the Unknown Caller number came up, I was wondering why it was so long. Then, I figured out that the number is simply the words you pasted spelled out in their numeral counterparts. For example, on a phone, N and O are on the 6 key and C is on the 2 key. That's why you get the "662" in the "NOC" of the No Caller ID number. I don't think it'll actually block unknown calls.

The number that you are talking about is the ASCII characters of the letters that you have typed. each letter has an alternate computer keyboard code that corresponds to the letters. Its sort of like the letters and numbers you find on a telephone keypad.

That worked… I did it…you are genius!!!a number appeared a was able to block it.Now let's see if I will get calls again!
Thank you once again !!!

Use *77. This will block any unidentified call (no number, unknown caller, etc) and force them to call with a number. Go to your keypad, type *77, hit the green button, wait a minute, screen goes back to keypad, your done.

If you copy and paste the "no id caller" into the your number pad for dialing, it will display the hidden number, then simply add that number to your contact list and block it/

Solution 1 Worked for iPhone 6+, ohhh yeaaaaa,
This stalker been calling my phone two to three times a week at 2:00am to 3:00am and not saying anything, don't know if it's my X, I tried everything for the last four months, no result, I did the copy and pastiche unknown etc, but the only thing that work is Solution 1, i tried calling my cell from my house # and the call is not getting through, so block number is getting a busy signal. whoever gave that info.Thanks
Solution 1 :-
launch Settings App.
Turn “do not disturb” on Manual.
Only allow calls from your contacts list.
Also do not allow repeated calls with in 3 minutes to get though.

Yeah but this doesn't address wanting to allow normal numbers to call you why would anyone do this unless they are ridiculously famous. Makes no sense you want a phone so people can call you what if your mom is calling from the hospital? Do you have every possible hospital number programmed in your phone? Every police dept? What if your buddy is locked up needs you to pick up his kids? This option is a joke really and I never heard of anyone of a sound mind using it.

This absolutely does not work. I thought there was once a feature but Apple caved to force this at the carrier level. Verizon at one point allowed this but for a long time it's a feature you have to pay for.
On Verizon it's called FamilyBase and it's an extra 5 a month but it's the only "real" working way to block all unknown, restricted and whatever calls.
I think it's bull to pay for this but it's the only way so please stop these frivolous videos and blogs that give directions that do not work.
And this BS method on here doesn't work at all not one call maybe once upon a time but not now. I expect AT&T has a similar service maybe it's free?
FYI I had the first iPhone model and in the history of IOS there has NEVER been an app that would do this and the exception yrs ago was a jail broken iPhone and no one does that anymore.

It does work, guys. All you have to do after creating and blocking the 'Unknown' contact, is to reboot your phone. Mine wasn't working until I rebooted. Thanks!

Hello.. I need help. I'm doing everything mentioned above but for some reason my IPhone 5C wont block No caller ID as a number.. I tried every which way… I'm being harassed by an ex for two years now. I even changed my cell number but they paid an online website to get my new cell. I've done everything but keep getting calls from No Caller ID numbers and I know this is my ex. I'm so tired of this crap. I also have Verizon and could pay the extra $5.00/month but I'm not on a family plan just a single plan. Can someone please help me. Also is there an app I can buy to block these frivolous, annoying, pathetic calls from my psycho ex.

I am getting telemarketing calls from out of the country(India) that I believe are using Skype or similar to make the calls.
I am doing everything above as well. They are never making it to my blocked call list. If I go back to my newly created contacts it still shows as "Block this Caller" where as other blocked callers show as "Unblock this caller".
In addition the unknown never makes it to my blocked call list.
When I go to add "unknown" in my blocked caller list it does not allow me to select that contact from my list and I cannot paste into my blocked caller list.
I tried using 1st and last name and it does not work.

All I did was create a contact with 'Unknown' as name and I was able to scroll down and was given option to Block this Caller

If some one calling to spam shoe caller unknown
Do this step you will be ok..
1 click on recent call click edit (I) then holding you finger on Unknown caller copy it..
2. Go to your contact information add new contact.
First Name paste unknown caller you was copy on it..
Last name do the same..
add phone just paste unknown caller in too..
After you done this step

Guys, I finally know how it works and its WORKING to block "no caller ID."
Please see the method/post by the user "yareli" from the date "June 3, 2016 at 2:04 am" in this webpage.
Credits go to him. He is god. He saved my life. After I try his method, it turns out to be a sick harassment call from the number 662-255-3743.
Now I got him blocked for good. I am very happy. If you also get periodically unknown caller ID from a different number, try blocking the above number as well.
It will also help. Peace to all.

Ok. I made a contact called UNKNOWN CALLER. I added Unknown Caller as the name, last name, company name and the phone number. It finally gave me the option to BLOCK CONTACT. Fingers are crossed.

Is there a way to do this on IPhone 6? iOS 11.0.3? I have an unknown caller calling me every hour on the hour from 8am – 10pm. I did turn on the do not disturb -contact list available only but I hate to keep it that way. I can see the calls coming in on my recent section but at least I don’t hear them anymore. It’s driving me crazy!!


IT WORKED, thank you so much i have been trying for so long to try and get my ex boyfriend to stop calling on a No Caller ID. i hope i get no more calls now i know how to do it i will do it if it happens again.

1. Open "Phone" app. Select "Contacts".
2. Scroll down the page to "Block This Caller".
3. You get options that are "You will not Messages, REceive Phone Calls, and FaceTime from people on the block list". Then you can select "Block Contact".

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