Best Wireless Chargers and Charging stations for iPhone 12 Series

Apple launched the iPhone 12 series with the Magsafe feature. When it became a requirement to buy a charger for the iPhone 12, people started showing interest in the wireless charger. Wireless Chargers make our life easy, because every time when you charge, you don’t want to search for a lightning cable to charge your iPhone. 

Nowadays, Wireless Chargers are available with or without stands in the market. Here is the list of the best Wireless Chargers which is compatible with the iPhone 12 series.

1. Lisen Wireless Charging stand


Lisen wireless charger with stand iPhone 12 series

  • The Lisen wireless charger serves as a two-way purpose. After one time installation, It can be both used as a wireless charger and as a stand too. It is very convenient to use in daily life because it is adjustable up to 1.4 inches and gives you a better viewing angle when you keep your iPhone on a stand. This wireless charger supports a 10-watt power supply for fast charging. You can charge both horizontally and vertically as you can see in the picture above provided.
  • Do you know what’s the most amazing part of buying this Wireless Charging stand?  

They offer free customer service for 12 months when you get any problem with the charger.                                                                     

The smart chip which offers full temperature protection with over-voltage protection and short circuit prevention so that your phone is 100% secure.

2. Choetech Dual Wireless Charger


Choetech wireless charger

  • Choetech is a Dual wireless Charging pad, which is very compact and has a sleek design mainly made for both home and office use. You can charge two devices at a time as well as the iPhone and Airpods. If you are a workaholic person it obviously saves your time. This is designed with five coils to boost charge efficiency.
  • The green light on the side indicates that your phone is in charge mode. Qi Certification ensures safe protection for your iPhone. Your phone will not be slipped down as it is flat and will give you a secure feeling.
  • 18 W power Adapter, USB Type C Charging Cable is additionally provided.

3. Yestan Wireless Charging Station


Yestan wireless charging stand iPhone 12 series

  • It is a wireless charging station because you can charge three devices at a time (i.e) Airpods, Apple Watch, and your iPhone. Charge three devices with a single Cable. It’s the perfect gift for iPhone fans.

You no need to remove the case when you want to charge the iPhone. There is storage space at the bottom so that you can store your charging cable inside it.

  • So you get a wireless Charging station with a watch holder and micro USB Cable included. Product warranty for 12 months and worry-free service. Nobody says “NO” to this charging station! What’s your answer?

4. Seneo Wireless Charger

Seneo Wireless Charger iPhone 12 series


  • Seneo is a three-one wireless charging station that charges your iPhone, Airpods, and Apple Watch simultaneously. The charging stand and dock can be attached to charge three devices simultaneously and can be detached for separate use. It can be charged as both landscape and portrait orientation. You don’t want to remove the case when you charge. The charging station charges your Airpods and Apple watch with the inbuilt Charger.
  • There is a storage compartment at the bottom to store the cables and with that keep your desk clean.

Note: Remove the magnetic metals at the back of the case to charge without any interference.

5. Aresh 3 Wireless Charging Station

Aresh 3 Wireless Charger iPhone 12 series


  • It is the charging station designed for all Apple devices at the same time. No MagSafe function is included. When it is fully charged it switches to trickle charging to save the iPhone’s battery. It is with the most advanced automatic control technology. The overcharge, overvoltage, over-circuit protection guards your iPhone battery against Overcharge damage. There appears a green light when it is charging but that’s only for 20 seconds. 

Note:  No MagSafe function only wireless charging function is included. If you keep your Airpods headset in an inaccurate position it won’t charge.

Final verdict: 

These are the best wireless chargers and wireless charging stations for the latest iPhone 12 series which I have come across till now. And if you are evident about any best Wireless Chargers that you know leave your words in the comments. Thanks for reading. Keep supporting


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