Best Wireless Car Mount Chargers – iPhone X , 8, 8 Plus

we can’t keep cable to charge our phone while traveling in the car. If we charge our phone using cable, we may not have the right place to keep it. so use wireless car mount charger to charge your iPhone. it will prevent your phone from dropping down while charging. You can use those chargers as a stand while watching a movie. here I am going to explain about the best 8 wireless car mount chargers.
1. iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless
iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless provides high security for your phone. It has 2.3-3.3 inches wide for fits your device. It is one-touch lock and mounting system. Dashboard pad mounting on all types of surfaces except viny and leather dashboard. The Telescopic arm provides various viewing angle for your phone and hands-free experience. You can fit your device in portrait and landscape mode. Then don’t leave in the sun too long, while not in use. You can also use this charger on android phones.iottie-one
Price: $42.00(at the time of writing this)
2. Wofalodata
Wofaldata is the powerful wireless charger and also it holds your phone tightly. It is adjustable. The phone holder supports bracket base installation and vent mounting seat. Bracket base installation 360 degrees rotating and Air vent keep your phone cool down while charging. It has two LED indicators. Blue light mentions your phone is charging and the green light mention your phone is fully charged. You can also use this charger on android phones.wofalodata-image
Price: $29.99 (at the time of writing this)
3. iOttie iTap
iOttie iTap has a built-in cooling fan. So it keeps your phone cool while charging. The magnetic hold your phone tightly and your phone is fully secured. The LED indicator indicates whether your device is perfectly charging or misaligned. QI fast charging provides 40% faster than QI wireless standard charging. You can carry this in your pocket anywhere. It offers one year warranty.iottie-itap
Price: $69.95 (at the time of writing this)
4. Neotrix
Neotrix is a trustworthy wireless car mounting charger. The QI charger is an easy mounting and release system. It has 4 built-in magnets that hold your phone tightly. Strong suction cup allows most surfaces. You can adjust the phone in different viewing angle. It has the durable construction.neotrix-image
Price: $32.99 (at the time of writing this)
5. Mobfun
Mobfun provides the secure mounting system. It is very flexible and different viewing angle. The clamp is adjustable and the anti-slip mat is more stability. So it prevents your phone from scratching and fell down.  LED indicates charging states visually. It supports overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection and over temperature protection.mobfun-image
Price: $22.99 (at the time of writing this)
6. Toward
Toward is equipped with fast charging mode. This charger is better than any other wireless charger. The QI car mount has fully rotatable and different viewing angle. Anti-slip silicone prevents your phone from scratching and also it holds your phone tightly. So your phone is never fell down. Current circuit protects against overheating, short-circuiting, overcurrent and overcharging. When your phone’s battery full, it will be charging stops automatically. If your phone case is thicker than 4 mm, remove it before charging. Otherwise charging will get low and the phone gets very warm.toward-image
Price: $31.99 (at the time of writing this)
7. Aukey
While driving, ultra strong magnetic car mount holds your phone tightly and securely. You can easily fix and remove it and use it anywhere as a phone stand. Package contents are Auckey Magnetic Air Vent Mount, Rectangular Disc, and circular Disc. Aukey offers 24 months warranty.aukey-image
Price: $12.99 (at the time of writing this)
8. ChuangMedia
Chuangmedia gives maximum flexibility and best various viewing angle for your phone. It comes with an Air vent Mount, Bracket Case and firmly Mounted in the windshield. Air Vent and Dashboard position are easy to install. It gives broad compatibility with your phone. It offers 12 months warranty.Chuangmeida-image
Price: $24.99 (at the time of writing this)

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