5 Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone & iPad [2020]

Nowadays many people suffer from obesity. So they go to gym and do workouts everyday. The people who are overweight will feel so bad in front of others. They need an instructor to guide to follow a diet. There are many wait tracking app to guide you like a real instructor. These app will monitor your weight everyday and motivate you to lose weight. Here I am going to tell you the 5 best weight tracker apps for iPhone and iPad.

1.Lose It! – Colorie Counter (Free)Lose It! Colorie Counter
Lose It! is the simple but effective weight loss tracker app. First, download this app and then enter your details. Next enter your target weight. Then this will show the calories that you have to gain or lose daily. This app also calculates how much food you have eaten. The main feature of this app is embodyDNA. There ia a personalised, DNA-based insights that helps you to know which drinks, foods, and actions can activate your weight loss. Once if you use this app, you will never go for an another one.
Lose It! Supports iOS 8 or later versions. This app is available in over 30 languages such as English, Arabic, Malay, Dutch, Hindi, Etc.

2. Monitor Your Weight (Free)Monitor Your Weight
Monitor your weight is an award winning weight tracker app. This app is specially developed for the people who follow a diet or exercise to reach their weight target in a  particular period. This app calculates average daily and weekly weight loss. It also calculates intake calories for each day. There is graph to show the over all weight loss progress. This app can track the weight of multiple profiles. This app come with PIN lock security. This app can calculate your perfect weight based on your height, age, body frame, and gender.
This app is available in over 20 languages such as English, Danish, Dutch, french, German, etc. your device needs iOS 8 or later version to use this app.

3. Weight Diary ($2.99)Weight Diary
Weight is a simple but powerful weight loss tracking program. Enter your weight daily. The Weight diary will calculate your progress and how long it take to reach your target weight. This app displays your weight, estimated weight that you have losen, and weight remaining to reach your goal. This app comes with Body Mass Index (BMI) display. You can quickly see your any weight entry with the help of date slider and calendar. With this app, you can sync your weight, body fat percentage, and BMI with the iOS health app.
This app needs iOS 10.3 or later versions. This app is available in over 10 languages such as English. Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.

4. Daily weight tracker (Free)Daily weight tracker
Daily Weight Tracker app is one of the best weight loss tracking program. This app is very useful for the people who needs to lose their weight. It motivates you daily to reach your goal weight. Enter your weight daily to see your weight lose progress. It also monitors how much weight you lose everyday. You can see your long term weight loss progress with the graph. This app shows how near you are to reach your goal weight.
This app is available in over 8 languages such as English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, etc. this app needs iOS 9.0 or later versions.

5. Weight Loss Tracker, BMI ($0.99)Weight Loss Tracker, BMI
Weight Loss Tracker is ideal for dieting and perfect for losing weight. It is body weight tracker app and also a body data tracker app. This app has professional Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator charts. If you want to successfully follow the diet and lose your weight, Weight Loss Tracker will be the right choice. This app shows detailed body weight diary with graph.  Weight Diary monitors your weight day by day. With The help of BMI, you can easily calculate whether you are the track to reach your target weight.
This app is available in over 20 languages such as English, French, Polish, Russian, Korean, etc. this app needs iOS 7.0 or later versions.

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